Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting (TMR)

There are 2 tools that make up the Gairloch High School tracking, monitoring and reporting system:

  1. TMR Dashboard
  2. Parents Booking

1. TMR Dashboard

Each pupil in Gairloch High School is now provided with an online reporting document which follows them throughout their time in Gairloch High School. This is called the TMR Dashboard and will be accessible via each pupil’s Google Drive account. Reminders will be sent out when Report A is released to parents/carers as per the TMR Calendar 2021/22

Each document contains a year group section relating to the current stage the pupil is in at the time as well as pages containing other relevant information and links to useful parent/carer documentation on other parts of the Web.

This document is always available for parents/carers/pupils to review and refer to as the years progress and will allow parents/carers more opportunities to support their child/children throughout their time in Gairloch High School.

Reporting will be formally undertaken twice per year. Click here to view the current calendar for 2021/22. These will be referred to as ‘Report A’ and ‘Report B’.

In each report, teachers will provide updates on:

  • Current Working Levels (S1 to S3) | Current Working Grades (S4 to S6)
  • Effort, Behaviour and Homework (S1 – S6)
  • Learning (S1 – S6)

In S3, Scottish National Standardised Assesments (SNSA) are undertaken as part of the National Improvement Framework. Once complete, a snapshot of results will be added to the S3 section of the document.

In S4 – S6 some pupils may be studying virtually through some of our learning partners. TMR is managed by each partner and shared with the school 2 to 3 times per year (course dependent). When this is received by the school a snapshot will be added to the relevant section of the report. An email notification will be sent to parents/carers of these pupils when this information is available to view.

At the end of S3, S4 and S5 Report B there is a section which provides guidance relating to possible routes of progression from one course level to another.

The TMR Dashboard documentation is stored in a private cloud network supplied by Google to The Highland Council. This allows us to use this efficient, digital-first platform for the system. The school will never share this information with anyone other than staff, parents/carers and pupils. Should a mistake in data be observed, the school should be contacted at the earliest opportunity and any required corrections will be made.

Each TMR document is printable/downloadable into a variety of formats but, should a parent/carer wish a paper copy to be sent home this can be arranged by emailing Any questions or concerns about any aspect of the TMR Dashboard should be sent to this email address as well.

2. Parents Booking

This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the school will be trialing a system designed to allow parents/carers to book video engagement appointments with teachers in place of the more traditional parents evenings.

Parents Booking is a product which was designed to allow the booking process for parent/carer meetings to be made significantly easier and less administrative. A number of Highland Schools have been using this system over the past 3 years and report positive feedback from both staff and parents. The online booking system allows schools to set up bespoke meeting slots from which parents/carers are able select their preferred appointment(s). The meeting slots can be personalised on a teacher by teacher basis to suit availability, thus ensuring that only the appointment slots that are available can be selected. At any given time, schools can view and download their meetings and if required, can make contact with any parents who have not yet chosen an appointment.

The recent addition of an option video ‘add-on’ makes the platform particularly appealing at this time where face-to-face contact is not possible. The video add-on is integrated with the booking system so that when appointments are made these are turned into video appointments, based on the time slots set up by each school or teacher. The video system is intuitive and will automatically move from appointment to appointment according to the finalised schedule/overview so a teacher does not require to manage the system or have any specific technical knowledge. The system is also easy to use for parents/carers as well.

Please do not try and book any sessions until you receive an email from the school noting that the booking window for your child/children is open.

To make the system as efficient as possible we ask that appointments are made only where there is an identified issue to discuss. Parents/carers do not have to make an appointment should they feel that the report provides sufficient information regarding pupil progress.

Before you set up an account, please watch these very short micro learning videos to get you started with the system and/or click the download instructions button:

VIDEO 1: How do I login?

VIDEO 2: How do I make an appointment?

VIDEO 3: How do I cancel or re-arrange an appointment?

VIDEO 4: How do I make appointments for another of my children?

VIDEO 5: How do I email or print my appointments?

Click on the button below to create a secure account:

Should you have any problems with the system please email at your earliest convenience.