Higher Human Biology Assignments

S5/S6 Higher Human Biology pupils were using yeast embedded in Alginate beads to test whether metal’s could inhibit an enzyme called Catalase which is found in all living cells.



The Catalase containing beads were soaked in the metals for 10 minutes and then placed in Hydrogen peroxide solution and the time taken for the beads to rise up the top of the tube measured.

Higher Human Biology Experiments

Slower times mean more inhibition of Catalase.
Hydrogen peroxide is broken down to water and oxygen by Catalase and the oxygen makes bubbles in the beads which makes them float.

Higher Human Biology Experiments

Spectroscopy in a Suitcase

On Thursday 19th January, some senior pupils studying Advanced Higher and Higher Chemistry had the opportunity to attend a “Spectroscopy in a Suitcase” workshop at Ullapool High School. This is an outreach activity from Edinburgh University and provided a rare opportunity to see and use some analytical techniques only usually available in University laboratories. The theories behind UV-Vis, IR and NMR spectroscopy are studied at Advanced Higher. In this workshop, pupils learnt about the theory and used some of the equipment for a problem-solving activity.

The pictures above and linked on Flickr show our pupils in action during the practical work, the high quality of their results (the graph is a straight line!) and the whole group including the workshop leaders from Edinburgh and Ullapool pupils.