S1 Beach Clean

As part of their John Muir Award, which has them discovering, exploring, conserving and sharing local wild places, S1 were out in force this week!

We did an S1 beach clean to make it look cleaner for the public and tourists that come and visit Gairloch. (Alana)

S1 Beach Clean 2017

More photos on Flickr

We found loads of small bits of rope that had been washed onto the beach. Although they were tiny, they can still be dangerous for birds, so we got as much as we could. (Ruaraidh)

S1 Beach Clean 2017

This will help to save the wildlife that lives on the beach and to keep their habitats clean and healthy (Hannah)

S1 Beach Clean 2017

SMART collecting Kelp

The S1 SMART group have been working on the conservation part of their John Muir Award. When they returned to the classroom they shared some of what they had done and the reasons kelp is good for many things! Read some of their work below and view the rest of the photos on Flickr.

Corey Maclennan:

Grant Walton:

Katie Rae:


Sam Frost:

Meghan Dillon:

Ellie Watson:

Kirsty MacDonald:

Ezekiel Balanquit:

Elizabeth Mclachlan: