Teaching and non-teaching staff work together to create a challenging and caring learning environment for all our pupils.

Teaching Staff

Mr W Chalmet Headteacher (PE)
Mr S Caddell Depute Headteacher (Computing / Business)
Miss R Leitch Chemistry
Dr B Brindle English
Mrs L Whall Mathematics (PT Maths & Technologies)
Dr M J Close Biology
Mrs E MacRae Physics (PT Science)
Miss K MacAllister French / German (PT Languages)
Mr I Cumming Gaelic
Mrs B Somers English
Miss E Smith Geography / Geology
Ms A Velt Modern Studies / History (PT Social Subjects)
Mr A Gorman Craft Design & Technology (CDT)
Mrs T MacDonald Music
Ms H Murton Drama (PT Pupil Support)
Mrs D Hildrey PE (PT Creative Arts & Wellbeing)
Mrs C Bulmer PT Support for Learning
Mr C MacDougall Piping Instructor
Mr D McIntosh Drumming Instructor
Miss R Sutherland Strings Instructor

Non-teaching support staff

Mrs D Perris Clerical Assistant
Mrs J McKenzie Admin Assistant
Mrs F MacKenzie Science Technician
Mrs A Fraser Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs L Cairney Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs F MacKenzie Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs E MacLean Head of School Catering
Mrs F MacKintosh Active School Coordinator
Ms G McKenna Children’s Services Worker
Mr P Burden Youth Development Officer