World Class

World Class is a global citizenship course that pupils take in S2. It is a cross-curricular course that utilises knowledge and skills gained in many other subjects, particularly Modern Studies, Geography and Science, and aims to develop awareness of global issues, skills and values. It offers a high degree of personalisation and choice.

Each class has choice about the topics that are studied during the year. In the past, these have been wide-ranging, including health, food supplies and Fair Trade, the Scottish Government’s commitment to international development, wildlife trade, micro-funding initiatives, Olympic values and many more.


Raising money to support micro-funding projects in Uganda

In recent years, pupils have participated in the Inspiring Purpose competition (formerly Inspire>Aspire) which gets them to think about personal strengths and values, which stories, quotations and famous people inspire them and why, their vision for a better world and their hopes for their own futures.


Emma MacDonald’s Inspire>Aspire poster was selected as a National Finalist.

Opportunities for improving critical and creative thinking, communication, co-operation and participation skills are provided. Development of personal values related to the world, our sense of identity and relationships with others, and commitment to making the world a better place for all is encouraged.