Hospitality & Professional Cookery

Hospitality is a study on learning about the different fields within the service industry. Learning about service and event planning to actually producing recipes and taking them home.

In S1 we concentrate on the basics and focus on the cooking side of the industry. The course is called ‘Introduction to Cookery’ where we study the typical hygiene in the kitchen, cleaning and personal hygiene. We also focus on knife skills – learning how to use a knife in a safe and appropriate way. When cooking we start off with simple dishes for example scones, pancakes, soups and making a simple pizza dough.

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In S3 we still focus on the Introduction to Hospitality unit but building up the different skills and techniques. We also move on to more advanced dishes and learn more about certain hygiene rules in the kitchen in order to understand different bacteria present in foods and in the kitchen.

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S4 moves onto more about both sides of the industry like planning events and creating menus and producing them. The event planning is usually cross curricular for example the past couple of years the hospitality pupils have planned, organised and served the food and drink for the Art exhibition. It is all part of the course assessment. We also work on different world cuisines and focus on how food can be tasty but healthy. It’s also a great time to enter the Future Chef competition which is held every year over a number of stages. It’s a great opportunity and should be tried by everyone even if you are not a big fan of cooking. If this is the industry you would like to go into then it is highly recommended as the competition can help you get jobs in the industry.

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S5/6 is the professional cookery class where again like the S4’s it is the same type of course but more advanced. Learning about different cookery processes and techniques and focusing more on the industry whether it is writing up a time plan for recipes or looking in to local hotels and seeing how they are run etc. It is a good subject for those who want to get into the hospitality industry or for those who would like to learn the basics of cooking etc before heading off to University or College.


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