Environmental Science

Environmental Science is where all the sciences meet – learning about the natural world and using scientific skills to analyse it in the lab and field.

Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary course and builds on the work of the science and geography departments further down the school. Higher Environmental Science is currently offered to S5 and S6 pupils.

The course is made up of three units –

  • Living Environments (delivered by Science),
  • Earth Resources (delivered by Geography) and
  • Sustainability (jointly delivered by both departments).

Higher Certificate in Environmental Science with Ecology - Institute of  Technology Sligo

The course includes learning new information, applying knowledge in new ways and learning practical skills which are applicable in many career paths beyond school. For example, you will learn about conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment, using quantitative and qualitative techniques in the field.

Pupils wishing to study Environmental Science at Higher should have successfully completed a National 5 course in either Science or Geography.