CDT, Engineering Science and Design & Manufacture

In the Technology Department we think, we plan,we do!

In S1 pupils look at design and manufacture of projects using wood, metal, plastic and electrical components. We look at the importance of the 3 R’s as well as the development of mass production in manufacturing.


Buzzer Game


Mobile Phone Microscope made from plastic & standard components.

In S2 the main project brings together electronic circuits, design, programming, C.A.D as well as manufacturing, all important aspects of Technology in our society today.


Electronic Dice

In S3 and S4 the subject splits up into its two main areas. Design and Manufacture where pupils look at product design with factors such as function, aesthetics and ergonomics.


Model of Headphone Stand


Model of Clock Design

Engineering Science looks at electronics, programmable control, pneumatics, energy and mechanical systems. A good grounding in maths will help you when it comes to working out values in your system design.


Robotics Control


Wind Farm Site Visit


CAD Design

If you choose one of the 2 subjects at Higher you will build on the previous knowledge and gain a greater understanding of the specific subject and its role in the world today. This could allow you a stepping stone into that field when you leave school.

Also on offer in the department if time is available is practical craft skills where pupils build projects following plans given.


Practical Wood Models