Biology and Human Biology

Biology and Human Biology


Studying Science in S1 & S2, introduces you to the three main disciplines of Science, if Biology is your choice or one of your choices in S3 this introduction is then built upon to reflect the topics studied for the National 3, 4 and 5 courses on offer. The National courses are constructed around three major topic areas:

Living Lochs

In S4 pupils can chose to study Biology at N3, N4 or N5 level. National 5 Biology’s three units, Cell Biology, Multicellular Organisms, Life on Earth and a research based assignment comprise the course. Pupils will augment their existing knowledge to a wide range of biological topics and practice skills of research and investigation as well as develop practical skills by undertaking experimental work in the classroom and outdoors. National 4 and National 3 Biology follow the same pattern with content appropriate to the level of the pupils who may choose to study Biology at these levels. giphy1

Fish Protein Experiment