Revision of school work is important throughout the school year, but especially in the run up to exams. There are many opportunities for you to make the most of revision, from activities and materials provided in class, study clubs, working with classmates and a wealth of online resources. Some general revision help is listed below – for more information about specific subjects see the subject page or Google Classroom.



BBC Bitesize provides revision resources for a number of different subjects. It has useful summary information and short tests in order to check your knowledge. There’s also a BBC Bitesize app.



The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) run exams in Scotland. They have information on the course content and provide past papers and marking schemes for free.



Quizlet is an excellent tool for studying and means you can use or create flashcards and revision to test your knowledge. There’s also a Quizlet app.



Scholar has learning materials and activities for subjects including the sciences, maths, languages and English.


A number of publishers including Leckie & Leckie, Bright Red and Hodder Gibson produce course and revision books. Some of these may be available second-hand from older pupils so check with your class teacher before buying if you want a good deal!