Classroom Expectations

The Gairloch High School Pupils’ Bill of Rights provides a framework within which the partnership between pupils and teachers can operate.  It is only by maintaining this positive partnership that all pupils can have the opportunity to enjoy school, raise their achievement and reach their full potential.

Within the classroom, the Pupils’ Bill of Rights translates into the following quite specific teacher and pupils’ expectations.

What teachers expect from you

  • You should arrive for class promptly and line up quietly outside the class until invited to enter.
  • Once in the class, you should make yourself ready for work straight away with all books, jotters, etc. that are required out and ready to use. This includes this planner.
  • You should have a pen, pencil and ruler as minimum equipment and these should be readily available.  Special equipment, which you are expected to have, for example, for P.E. should also be available.
  • You should not act in a way that disadvantages others, for example, by causing a disturbance and so preventing others from concentrating or by criticising or discouraging others who are working hard.
  • Answers and comments should not be shouted out. You should raise a hand and wait to be invited to contribute.
  • You should hand in homework on time and without fuss.
  • At the end of the lesson, you should begin to pack up only when asked to do so by your teacher. The bell is a signal for teachers.
  • Finally, please remember that this school is here to allow you to achieve your full potential.  You will be expected to try your best in all of the work you do in class; no-one will ask more of you than that.

What you can expect from teachers in return

  • Your class teacher will treat you with respect and civility.
  • Your class teacher will endeavour to provide work and activities suitable for your particular abilities.
  • Your class teacher will give you every possible assistance to allow you to achieve success in all that you do in the class and for homework.
  • Your class teacher will recognise success and provide assistance when you are unsuccessful.