Additional Support Needs

This text is taken from a Highland Council statement dated December 2012.

Additional Support Needs

All children need support to help them learn. Some children require more help than others. We follow The Highland Practice Model staged approach to assessing , identifying and supporting additional support needs.    In this model every child has a ‘named person’ who is responsible for making sure that the child or young person has the right help to support his/her development and well-being.

If you have a concern about your child in primary school  please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance or the ‘named person’, who will usually be the head teacher. In a secondary school, the named person  will usually be the Principal Teacher Guidance/Pupil Support.

Sometimes a Child’s Plan may be put in place to help organise, monitor and regularly review your child’s progress.

If you wish to find out more about The Highland Practice Model or the Child’s Plan  you can access more information here.

There are also Information sheets available via the Children in the Highlands Information Point (CHIP+)

You can also read about our Support for Learning Department and the work it does by clicking here.