Adverse Weather

Travelling to school during adverse weather

Telephone/Internet Information Service – Guidance for Parents

The Highland Council website will be updated with information of school closures.

However, please note that Gairloch High will continue to update the PIN facility. Our aim is to provide clear, unambiguous information to parents with regard to school closures during periods of adverse weather. I would therefore encourage you to refer to PIN number system first.

How to use the PIN service for travel information:

➢ Dial Highland Council’s access number: 0800 564 2272

You will not be charged for this call

➢ Enter Gairloch High PIN: 041050

You have two attempts to enter the pin number and you will be disconnected after a second failed attempt. If this happens, check the number and redial. If you still have a problem check with your school.

➢ You will hear the school’s name. Ensure that this is correct before going on.

➢ You will now be taken to the MAIN MENU where you will be given various options:

Option 1 to hear our school’s message about the adverse weather for example whether or not the school is to close or if transport arrangements have been affected.

Options 2 and 3 – we do not make use of this facility on our system.

Option 4 – to enter a PIN for another school in the authority (for example a local primary school attended by a sibling)