S2 Music

Our S2 music class have been working on group performance. Here’s them playing – with two sets of different drummers – Dirty Old Town.


Highland Rowing Festival 2019

Twenty five pupils travelled to compete in the festival against other Highland schools. Many medals came home with us along with personal bests for individuals but mainly everyone enjoyed the experience. We had competed in the online league as well throughout the year and were presented with a top school prize for that too – Well done everyone!

Highland Rowing Festival 2019

Ross Sutherland Cross Country

We had 8 runners travel to the Ross Sutherland cross country in Ullapool: S1’s – Alisha Cameron, Laura Nieto, Roban Mackenzie, Fraser Frost.  S2’s – Izzy MacDonald, Helen Urquhart and Lewis Hildrey.
Ross-Shire Cross Country 2019

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They all came home very happy with their individual results.
Special mention to Anndra Cumming (S1) who finished 7th in his race, Izzy MacDonald (S2) who finished 5th in her race and Helen Urquhart (S2) who finished 6th in the same race.

Ross-Shire Cross Country 2019

Gairloch Newsletter January 2019

Please find below a copy of the newsletter sent to parents/carers today. It includes a one-year on update, information about school activities and dates for your diary.

GHS Newsletter January 2019

We are also inviting parents/carers to fill in a short survey which will help us to continue to work with parents, staff and students to ensure that the students are receiving the best possible provision in Gairloch High.


Higher Human Biology Assignments

S5/S6 Higher Human Biology pupils were using yeast embedded in Alginate beads to test whether metal’s could inhibit an enzyme called Catalase which is found in all living cells.



The Catalase containing beads were soaked in the metals for 10 minutes and then placed in Hydrogen peroxide solution and the time taken for the beads to rise up the top of the tube measured.

Higher Human Biology Experiments

Slower times mean more inhibition of Catalase.
Hydrogen peroxide is broken down to water and oxygen by Catalase and the oxygen makes bubbles in the beads which makes them float.

Higher Human Biology Experiments

Deasbad Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig / National Gaelic Debate

Ghabh Cameron MacIll-Fhinnein agus Eòin Cuimeanach pàirt ann an Deasbad Nàiseanta nan Sgoiltean anns an t-Samhainn. Bha iad am measg nan ceithir sgiobannan a b’ fheàrr a ghabh pàirt ann an Steòrnabhagh aig toiseach na mìos (a’ dèanamh a’ ghnothaich air Sgoil Bhàgh a’ Chaisteil (Barraigh) agus Àrd-sgoil Phort Rìgh). Leis a sin, fhuair iad troimhe dha na h-iar-chuairtean ann an Dùn Èideann aig deireadh na mìos. Ged a rinn Sgoil MhicNeacail a’ chùis orra aig an ìre sin, bha e na thlachd faicinn mar a bha na sgilean-conaltraidh agus am misneachd air fàs tron cho-fharpais.

National Schools Gaelic Debate

Cameron MacLennan and Eòin Cumming took part in the National Schools’ Debate in November. They were amongst the four best teams who took part in Stornoway (beating Castlebay (Barra) and Portree High) at the start of the month As a result, they made it through to the semi-finals in Edinburgh at the end of the month. Although The Nicolson Institute defeated them, it was a pleasure to see how their communication skills and their confidence had developed during the competition.

You can see a livestream of some of the debates on the Deasbad Facebook page.

Awards Summer 2018

A host of awards and certificates have been presented in the last week, celebrating achievements across first aid, photography and indoor rowing. A special well done to those who received all three!

S3 First Aid

Every pupil in S3 received their First Aid certificate, having undertaken a first aid course earlier in the year. We hope they never have to use their skills – but they are prepared in case they do! This is also an excellent award to have for work and volunteering opportunities in the local community.

Rotary Club Photography Competition

The Rotary Club in Dingwall hold an annual photography competition. This year the entry from Gairloch High School was so good they had to have an extra room for judging! Well done to all those who took part and particularly those who received highly commended or winning entries.

Scottish Indoor Rowing

Finally, we had another very successful year in the Scottish Indoor Rowing league with pupils from S1-S6 taking part. Lots of bronze, silver and gold certificates were awarded by Scottish Rowing for the pupils who reached these high standards. Well done!