Eight pupils from S3 to S6 visited Eden Court on Thursday 8th June to attend XpoNorth. This event showcases a wide range of creative industries ranging from screen, crafts, Music, gaming design and textiles. Seven S3 and 4 girls, along with Mrs Browne, attended a Workshop on the Psychology of Colour given by Anne Ritchie who has spent her career in the world of colour, fashion and interiors. The pupils learnt about the industry alongside business professionals, rising to the occasion with a very mature attitude. This event helps Develop our Young Workforce, giving very relevant and current information as well as hands-on experience in a wide range of creative industries. Sixth year pupil, Abe Locke attended a Masterclass with Film Director, Michael Radford along with Mr Milner.


Isabella Wiseman gives an account of her day;

‘Last Thursday eight of us from S3 to S6 went to the XpoNorth festival at Eden court in Inverness, seven of us went to attend the colour conversations workshop, which was run by Anne Ritchie. Anne Ritchie studies colour psychology, and during the workshop she taught us about how colours can affect our emotions and make us react differently to things, an example is that wasps are yellow and black and we associate them with danger that is why warning signs are usually yellow and black because we connect the colours with danger. Anne Ritchie also taught us about how our personality can affect the colours we wear and the style of clothing that we wear. She taught us about the four main colour seasons, which are winter, spring, summer, and autumn. We learnt how each season fits a different personality, for example, usually if you associate yourself with the autumn characteristics of, being creative, quirky, curious, and rebellious, then you will look best in warm rich colours and textured materials. I found it very interesting how colour fits in with your personality, and many of us found that the colour palette and mood boards we were drawn to most were from the season that we associated our personality with the most. Colour psychology was something that most of us hadn’t considered before, and we were really amazed by the impact it can have on, not only the clothes we wear but also our emotions in general. I think it would be really interesting to look into the subject more.’

Isabella Wiseman

Highland Indoor Rowing Festival

​Whole squad​

Lots of silverware!

Gairloch have won all 3 rounds of the Highland Indoor Rowing League over the last few months.  Here are some pictures of them receiving their prizes today after Round 4 of the league.
​S1 Boys - Reggie 2nd​

S1 Boys – Reggie (2nd)


​S1 Girls Alana 2nd, Ellie 3rd​

S1 Girls – Alana (2nd) & Ellie (3rd)


​S2 Boys Eoin 1st, Kienan 2nd, Ryan 3rd​

S2 Boys – Clean Sweep! Eoin (1st), Kienan (2nd), Ryan (3rd)


​S2 Girls Abi 2nd, Lucy 3rd =​

S2 Girls – Abi (2nd), Lucy (3rd equal)


​S4 Girls Arlene 1st, Amber 3rd​

S4 Girls – Arlene (1st), Amber (3rd)


​S5 Boys Jack 1st​

S5 Boys – Jack (1st)

​S1-3 team 1st and 2nd​

S1-3 Teams – Gairloch 1st and 2nd


​S4-6 team 2nd​

S4-6 Teams Gairloch 2nd


​Highland League Small Schools - Gairloch winners Amber, Arlene and Morven receiving the trophy for our school.

We also won the Highland League Small Schools trophy.

Great individual performances, personal bests and team events!  You did yourselves proud!!

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) 2017

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an active citizenship programme that raises awareness amongst young people about philanthropy and their local community. Each participating school, each year is responsible for directing a £3000 YPI Grant to a local charity through a unique programme of team work, research and competition.  Our S3 pupils have been working on this over the last term.

The charities were: Befrienders Highland, Poolewe Swimmming Pool, Dundonnell Mountain Rescue, Wester Ross Youth Football Club and Family First.  Each charity sent a representative on the day to be part of the competition.

The judges were impressed by the level of research and work that had been put into the presentations and found it very difficult to decide on a winner.   The charity that won on the day was Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team.  Congratulations to Amy Nieto, George Pickering and Isabelle Gallacher for their hard work and interesting presentation, the team representative Andrew Vickerstaff, was delighted to be receiving £3000.

YPI Scotland Final 2017

Amy, George and Isabelle hand over a cheque for £3000 to the Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Yeam

Thank you to the panel of judges Stuart Smith (parent council) Julia Alexander (local fundraiser) Evan Macphail and Lucas Jackson (senior pupils) and Linda Schubert representative of the Wood Foundation.

Ross-Shire Schools Badminton

Gairloch did very well in the recent Ross Shire schools S1-3 Badminton competition. Thanks to parent volunteers Maureen Cumming and Peter Fenton for taking the pupils and Lisa O’Brien and Dr Caley for doing a great job of coaching on a Tuesday after school.

Ross Shire Schools Badminton

Sam Frost, Liam Forbes, Isabelle Gallacher, Nadia Fenton, Emma MacDonald, Eoin Cumming, Josh Tallach and Joel Goldby all went along, everyone won a game or more and lost some too. Overall a great day, well done everyone!

Ross Shire Schools Badminton

Girls Singles Winner – Nadia Fenton (S3); runner up – Emma MacDonald(S3)

Boys Singles Winner – Eoin Cumming (S2); 3rd – Joel Goldby (S3) and 4th Josh Tallach(S2)

Girls Doubles Winners – Nadia & Emma

Boys Doubles Winners – Eoin & Josh beat Joel and Sam Frost (S1) in the final in a very close game.

S2 Army STEM Ambassadors

S2 pupils worked with STEM Ambassadors from the British Army on a day of STEM based problem solving & digital skills activities.

S2 Robot Building & Programming with Army

In the first session, they thought about the equipment difficulties faced by the forces abroad. They worked in teams to come up with innovative, creative solutions to safety equipment which would withstand the heat and heavy use.

In the afternoon, they worked to build & program a robot which could navigate a path. This was tricky as every small change had implications for the rest of the route!

S2 Robot Building & Programming with Army

There are more pictures from the event on Flickr.

Ross Sutherland Rugby

S1 and S2 are having two sessions each of Rugby with a Ross Sutherland Rugby coach with a view to encouraging players over to their club in Invergordon.  Active Schools have more details.  Here are some action shots of the first session with S1.


Ross Sutherland Rugby

S1 girls first rugby session


S1B SMART visit Shieldaig Lodge

What we did

What we did for SMART was we went to the falconry to see and find out other stuff about the different kinds of birds and the baby owl. (Alana)

What we learned

We learned about different types of Eagles and saw a baby owl. We learned some of the Lodges history and that the lodge was pretty much a hospital for the injured of the plane crash near there years ago and that they have one of the biggest wine/whisky/gin collections and that it would cost you £1,000 to have a sip of their best gin/whisky. Overall we learned a lot about Shieldaig lodge and the eagles and it was really fun and i hope other people for SMART can go there and we can go there again. We learned that Hannah (S4) worked there helping cleaning up the rooms and being a server for food and dining. (James)

S1B visit Shieldaig Lodge

Hannah (S4) explains her roles at Shieldaig Lodge Hotel

How it links to the John Muir Award

While we were at the falconry we DISCOVERED all sorts of things about different birds and at the falconry they were CONSERVING certain types of birds and by putting on social media we are SHARING what happened. (Hannah)

Saor-làithean na Càisge / The Easter Holidays

Bha cuid de na sgoilearan againn aig a bheil Gàidhlig gu math trang anns na saor-làithean.

Some of our Gaelic speaking pupils were very busy during the holidays.

Chaidh Anna NicIll-Fhinein agus Ruaraidh MacAlasdair gu Còig Latha ann an Leòdhas.

Anna MacLennan and Ruaraidh Alexander went to Còig Latha in Lewis.

Anna: ’S e fèis Ghàidhlig ann an Leòdhas a th’ ann an Còig Latha. Bidh clann bho aois 12-18 a’ tighinn ach chan eil àiteachan ann ach airson sia duine deug. Bidh iad a’ fuireach ann an taighean dubh spaideil (na Gearrannan). Bidh a’ chlann ag ionnsachadh òrain Ghàidhlig agus bidh iad gan seinn aig a’ chèilidh mhòr aig deireadh na fèise (Diardaoin). Faodaidh iad ionnsramaidean a thoirt leotha mar an fhìdheall, am bogsa no an guth fhèin a chleachdadh!

Còig Latha (Five Days) is a Gaelic feis in Lewis. Children from age 12-18 can go but there are only places for 16. They get the chance to stay in the ‘Gearranan’ Black-houses. They learn Gaelic songs and get to perform them at the big ceilidh on Thursday. They can take instruments like the fiddle, accordion or they can even just use their own voices.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 19.21.33.png

Ruaraidh: ’S e an Seatrek fear de na rudan as fheàrr a rinn sinn aig Còig Latha am-bliadhna. Chaidh sinn a-mach airson uair gu leth air bàta. Bha tòrr spòrs againn nuair a chaidh sinn a-mach gu muir. Cuideachd, chaidh sinn dhan mhuillinn Clò Mor ann an Siabost. Chunnaic sinn na dòighean a bhios iad a’ cleachdadh airson Clò Mòr a dhèanamh. Chaidh sinn air ais gu na Gearranan le baga mòr de phìosan beaga den chlò, is bha sinn a’ cleadhdadh inneal-fuaigheal airson diofar rudan a dhèanamh leis a’ chlò. Rinn sinn tòrr rudan spòrsail aig Còig Latha, is tha mi ag iarraidh a dhol air ais an ath bhliadhna.

The Seatrek was one of the best things we did at Còig Latha this year. We went out on the boat for an hour and a half. We had so much fun when we went out to sea. We also went to the Harris Tweed mill in Siabost. We saw the different ways they produce the Harris Tweed. We then went back to the black-houses with a big bag filled with little pieces of Harris Tweed. When we were back at the black-houses, we used the sewing-machine to make different things with the tweed. We did so many fun things at Còig Latha and I hope to be there next year.

Chaidh Eòin Cuimeanach dhan Eilean Sgitheanach.

Eòin Cumming went to the Isle of Skye.

Eòin: Anns a’ chiad seachdain de na saor-làithean, chaidh mi gu Sabhal Mòr Ostaig anns an Eilean Sgitheanach airson ceithir latha airson cùrsa Ceannas Spòrs Ìre 1 a chosnadh. Bheireadh seo cead dhomh seiseanan-spòrs a ruith do chlann fo shùil inbheach. Bha mi ag ionnsachadh ciamar a bhruidhninn ann an dòigh sìmplidh agus furasta a thuigisinn. Dh’ionnsaich mi mar a chuirinn seisean air dòigh agus mar a chùmainn clann fo smachd. Aig deireadh na seachdain ruith mi seisean còmhla ri fear eile agus bha seo air a mheas. Tha mi toilichte gun d’ fhuair mi troimhe. Tha mi a-nis a’ faireachdainn nas cofhurtail ann a bhith a’ teagasg spòrs agus geamannan do chlann. Chòrd an cùrsa rium gu mòr agus rinn mi caraidean math. Mholainn an cùrsa do dhaoine eile a dh’iarradh cothrom seiseanan-spòrs a ruith.

In the first week of the holidays, I went to Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the Gaelic college in Sleat, Isle of Skye, for four days to gain Sports Leadership Level 1. This will enable me to run sport sessions for children under adult supervision. I learnt how to communicate in a simple and understanding way, plan and deliver sessions, take in various factors to do with the session and the participants, and how to keep children under control generally and in exceptional circumstances. At the end of the week, I ran a mock session with a partner and this was assessed. I am pleased that I passed. I now feel much more comfortable in teaching sports and games to children. I enjoyed the course very much and I made new friends. I would certainly recommend this course to others who would like to be able to run sporting sessions for children.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 19.21.56

S1 SMART Orienteering

Some of our S1 pupils wrote about their experiences doing orienteering around Flowerdale.

How to understand an orienteering map (by Hannah)

First you need to find out where you are on the map and which direction you are going in. Then, when you have a set place to go to, you need to read the key and find the landmarks you can look for near your destination. Then keep a lookout for the landmarks. You have to remember to look at the date that the map was published though because some posts or trees are no longer there. A good way to tell where you are is the telegraph poles and the electrical lines because they are usually in the same place.

S1 Orienteering @ Flowerdale

Easy and Hard bits of orienteering (by Alana)

The easiest parts of orienteering is when you look on the map you use the symbols at the side of the map and before you always start find where you are on the map.

The hardest parts of orienteering is using your sense of direction and people in your group not listening to each other.

S1 Orienteering @ Flowerdale

Teamwork (by Sam)

Today in orienteering we used a lot of team work. Corey looked at the map and Zeke and me looked for the flags.

S1 Orienteering @ Flowerdale