Learning at Home

This page provides information for pupils and parents/carers on methods of home-based learning during periods of long-term absences or school closure.

NOTE: Pupils are required to look at the Learning from Home page on their own Pupil Portal every morning, Monday to Friday during any period of school closure.


All pupils have access to Google Chromebook which they use at both home and at school.

Google Classroom


This virtual learning environment is used by staff to manage documentation and assignments related to their classes

Pupils can access Google Classroom via their Chromebooks or on any other device using their gairlochhigh.org.uk email address and password.

Parents/carers are encouraged to regularly review children’s’ progress with pupils to support learning from home.

The Highland Council

The Highland Council provides 2 core resources to help pupils and parents/carers with the continuation of learning from home:

Pupils and parents/carers are requested to familiarise themselves with these online resources as soon as possible and bookmark them for future reference.

There is also great information for pupils and parents on the following BBC website: