Environmental Science

The Higher Environmental Science course is made up of three units – Living Environment, Earth Resources and Sustainability.

Earth Resources


What is the geosphere in the Earth System? | Eschooltoday

Geosphere Booklet

Quizlet – Formation & Structure of the Earth
Quizlet – Geothermal Energy
Quizlet – Rock Types
Quizlet – Mineral Formation
Quizlet – Bauxite & Aluminium
Quizlet – Key Terms



Hydrosphere Booklet

Quizlet – Hydrological Cycle
Quizlet – Hydrographs
Quizlet – Ocean Currents



Biosphere Booklet

Quizlet – Brown Earth
Quizlet – Podzol
Quizlet – Biofuels



Atmosphere Booklet

Quizlet – Structure
Quizlet – Heat Budget
Quizlet – Energy Transfers
Quizlet – Biomes
Quizlet – Natural Climate Change



Climate Change

Climate change: 12 excuses for inaction and how to refute them - Vox

Climate Change Slides

Quizlet – Greenhouse Effect
Quizlet – Natural Causes of Climate Change
Quizlet – Impacts of Climate Change
Quizlet – Climate Change Legislation


Hydrogen can meet 50% of UK energy demand by 2050' - reNews - Renewable  Energy News

Energy Booklet

Quizlet – Shale Gas
Quizlet – Nuclear Power
Quizlet – Hydrogen Power

In Higher Environmental Science we also concentrate on preparing for SQA exams. Part of this is becoming familiar with the style of questions asked and how to access as many marks as possible. 

SQA Higher Environmental Science Course Page

SQA Higher Environmental Science Course Specification

Past Paper Marking Instructions
Specimen Paper 1 Specimen Paper 1 MI
Specimen Paper 2 Specimen Paper 2 MI
2019 2019 MI
Paper structure, length & contents changed
slightly in 2019. Use the papers below for
individual question practice. Some content
may no longer be assessed.
2018 2018 MI
2017 2017 MI
2016 2016 MI

Extended Response Questions – Practice Booklet (Online)

Extended Response Questions – Practice Booklet (Print)