Prize Giving 2019

Individual Trophies & Prizes 2019

 Prize Giving 2019

Dux of School                                            Amy Gudgeon

Elizabeth Matthew Memorial Trophy         Scarlet Pickering

Lauder Memorial Trophy                           Arlene Morrison

Harry Valentine Memorial Trophy for Citizenship             Kai Pickering

Neil Wilkie Memorial Trophy for Service to the School                    Arlene Morrison

Junior School Trophy for Service & Achievement               Katie Rae 

John MacGillivray Gaelic Trophy              Amy Gudgeon

Albert Roux Languages Cup                      Emma MacDonald

June Davis Miller Award for Art                Amy Gudgeon

Sir John Horlick Bursary Award                Amy Tattersall

MacKenzie Targe for Creative Writing      Amy Tattersall

Sheona MacDonald Memorial Quaich       Elizabeth Mclachlan

Doctor Hunter Cup for Piping                    Jaxon Cairney

Lauder prize for Music                               Amy Gudgeon

MacLean Trophy for Library Endeavour   Asha Wright

Science Achievement Trophy                     Amy Nieto

Social Subjects Achievement Trophy         Lexanne Stewart

Technology Achievement Trophy              Kai Pickering

Maths Achievement Trophy                       Catherine MacRae

Drama Service Trophy                               Kienàn Hewitson

Cross-country medals                   (junior)  Isabel MacDonald

Anndra Cumming

(senior)  Nadia Fenton

Eòin Cumming

Junior Boys Athletics Champion                Daniel Tippett

Junior Girls Athletics Champion                 Laura Nieto

Intermediate Boys Athletics Champion      Ezekiel Balanquit

Intermediate Girls Athletics Champion       Ashley Quinn

Senior Boys Athletics Champion (& Martin Blackley Memorial Cup)             Ryan Watson

Senior Girls Athletics Champion                Nadia Fenton