Sports Day 2019

Our annual Sports Day took place on 11th June, with pupils from all years competing for personal bests, house points and sports championships.

Tollaidh house won overall, with Maree in second and Kerry in third. 

Individual Sports Champions as follows:

Junior (S1) Boys – Dan Tippett (Maree) with runner up Alistair MacDonald (Kerry)

Sports Day 2019

Junior (S1) Girls – Laura Nieto (Tollaidh) with runner up Alisha Cameron (Tollaidh)

 Sports Day 2019//

Intermediate (S2-3) Boys – Zeke Balanquit (Tollaidh) with runner up Corey MacLennan (Maree)

Sports Day 2019//

Intermediate (S2-3) Girls – Ashley Quinn (Tollaidh) with runner up Kirsty MacDonald (Kerry)

Sports Day 2019//

Senior (S4-5) Boys – Ryan Watson (Tollaidh) with runner up Cameron Walton (Kerry)

Sports Day 2019//

Senior (S4-5) Girls – Nadia Fenton (Tollaidh) with runner up Asha Wright (Tollaidh)

Sports Day 2019//

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