S1 Modern Studies

The ‘ £1000,000 question ‘ display – S1 Modern Studies

In Modern Studies, pupils  in S1 have been learning how local councils work and how they help to support local people. Pupils were given an imaginary £1000,000 of tax money and their challenge was to propose a sustainable project that would improve the lives of the people in their local community and was also environmentally friendly.

S1 Modern Studies

Our pupils proved to be very inventive, they also did a great job to present their proposals.  Finn Simpson’s idea to improve Tournaig was voted by the class as the best project, while Shonagh MacKenzie’s and Ashley Quinn’s projects in Gairloch and the overside were runners-up.

A lovely exhibition of all the great project-ideas is now on at Gairloch library and you are welcome to visit  and see them in detail.

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