Keeping young people safe & happy online

We play a part in teaching our young people to stay safe and enjoy the time they spend online – especially when they’re gaming or using social media. We know that parents and carers feel strongly about this too – but it’s difficult to keep up when you use the internet differently to most 14 year olds!

Here are a couple of really useful websites which will help you approach discussing online safety with your child, learn about the sites, games & technology they’re using and teach them how to report abuse and ensure they’re safe and happy.

Net Aware – by the NSPCC has reviews, written by parents, about the major social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and some online games. Some of the best advice surrounds helping you and your child understand the privacy settings on these platforms.

The UK Safer Internet Centre has some great tips on having a conversation with your child about Internet Safety.…/parents-and-carers

With a page dedicated specifically to online gaming (amongst others!) the Internet Matters site gives clear messages and points to other useful resources.

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