Gairloch High School Parent Council Meeting Tuesday, 13th February 2018


Vanessa Quinn – Chair, Julie Brady – Treasurer, Isobel MacKenzie – Acting Head Teacher
Eilidh MacDonald – Head Girl, Angela Tattersall, Debbie Townsend, Gerry Baptist, Lorna Nelson, Sarah Wright, Belinda Brindle, Grahame Mitchell, Angela Rae, Lucy Cairney, Pam Urquhart, Mairi Stephen, Ingela Davis, Fiona Mackenzie, Chris Hildrey, Hazel Mackenzie,


Kirsty Copland – Secretary, Stuart Smith, Maureen Cumming, Alison Rushbrooke

1. Review of previous minutes
2. Matters arising from previous meeting (VQ)
3. Head Teacher’s Report (IM)
4. School nurse (PM)
5. Choices S2 (AR)
6. Appointment Head Teacher
7. Management of Schools – update (AR)
8. Fundraising
9. Any other business
10. Dates of next meeting 8th May 2018

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