S1 beach clean report

What did we do?

We held a beach clean at the beach beside the myrtle bank on the 26th of February, and got some people from the community to help us pick litter up of the beach so that animals don’t get injured from plastic,ropes,fishing nets or any other form of litter.
S1 Beach Clean
How did we do it?
We went of into groups and spread out across the beach on both sides of the river with a bin bag each.In the end we had collected 60kg of litter from the beach.
S1 Beach Clean
Why did we do it?

We cleaned the beach because every year over 1,000,000 animals die because of litter,so we helped our community a little by cleaning up our beach to help our beach to be safe.also the beach wouldn’t look very appealing if we didn’t clean it.

by Katie and Ruaridh

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