Ski Trip 2018

Twenty eight pupils, three staff and two adult helpers travelled to Les Menuires in the French Alps in January this year.  The conditions were fantastic, lots of sunshine, snow and blue bird days.  Intrepid beginners soon became proficient and those who had skied before developed their skills to a high standard.   We met up with a group from Lochaber High School and friendships developed!  The comments which follow are from pupils’ evaluations – we think they had a great time and would love to return!

Ski Trip 2018

There are loads of photos of the trip on Flickr.

Ski Trip 2018

  • Fun, eventful, tiring
  • Challenging, exciting, rewarding
  • Amazing fun interesting
  • Learned many things
  • fun, memorable, eventful
  • interesting, scary and adventurous
  • Fun, amazing, beautiful area
  • Sun, snow, ski!
  • Unique, enjoyable, exciting
  • Exciting, tiring, adventurous
  • Frustrating, for filling and exciting
  • Fun, cold, exciting
  • Amazing, Highlight, Memorable
  • amazing fun exciting
  • Amazing, unreal, enjoyable
  • amazing, super, fun
  • Interesting, educational and intense
  • Unforgettable
  • Exciting,
  • Eventful
  • Skiing was great!
  • Interesting learning experience
  • Fun educational amazing
  • Entertaining, action-packed, relaxing
  • Fun, good experiences, funny
  • This was a well organized trip
  • I really enjoyed the trip and this should definitely be repeated so more people can get the opportunity to learn to ski
  • The skiing was the best part by far and I feel I’ve tried some new things and developed my own abilities further.
  • The local pizzeria however was top quality 🙂
  • Better than last year
  • Loved it!
  • It was a great experience and it was amazing to get the chance to ski abroad
  • Really enjoyed the skiing and all the jumps we did
  • It was really fun and would love another trip
  • If you have the chance to go definitely go because it’s a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • i absolutely loved the trip and cant wait till next year!
  • It was a great trip, and thank you to the teachers for giving their time to take us.
  • it is recommended to go to if you get the opportunity and i would defiantly go again
  • it was an unforgettable and amazing experience and i would do anything to do it again, it especially good to be with Lochaber high since they are scottish and we can learn to know each other better
  • I really enjoyed it
  • I really enjoyed it and hope I can go again
  • I hope that we can go again

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