Highland Small Schools’ Football

Our S4-6 Boys’ and our S2/3 Boys’ teams travelled to Drumnadrochit on Thursday 22nd March for the finals, having qualified earlier in the session.

Highland Small Schools' Football 2018 The senior team lost 2-1 in their semi-final (Hector MacLennan was the scorer) and 1-0 in the third place play-off. Both games were close and the boys should be proud of their play.

Highland Small Schools' Football 2018

The younger team won their semi-final 2-1 (with two goals from Corey MacLennan) and narrowly lost the final 1-0 to Dornoch. They are pictured with their runner-up medals.

Thanks to Ann Fraser for driving the mini-bus and supporting the team and to Mr Cumming for organising the event.

Highland Rowing Festival

Over the last few months Gairloch has been competing in the Highland Indoor Rowing League.  We have been doing very well at this with nearly every year group competing.  The final round of the league was the Highland festival today (22nd March) for which we took 23 pupils.

Highland Rowing Festival 2018

Great results all round:
  • S1 Girls – Katie Mackenzie 1st/Ashley Quinn 2nd=/Amber Crawford 9th/Helen Urquhart 10th/Shonagh Mackenzie & Izzy MacDonald 11th=.
  • S1 Boys – Lewis Hildrey 1st/Ruaridh Beaton 2nd/Calum Mackenzie 3rd/Julian Davies 4th/Jay Abdelrhman 5th.
  • S2 Girls – Ellie Watson & Kirsty MacDonald 1st=.
  • S3 Girls – Abi Crawford 1st/Lucy Hildrey 3rd/Maisie Baptist 4th/Charlotte Brady 6th/Kyrene Tallach 7th.
  • S3 Boys – Kienan Hewitson 1st/Adam Lloyd 2nd.
  • S5 Girls – Amber Drummond 1st/Arlene Morrison 3rd/Morven Maclean 4th
  • S1-3 Relays S1-3 mixed Relay – 1st Abi Crawford/Lucy Hildrey/Maisie Baptist & Kienan Hewitson (all S3). 2nd Ashley Quinn/Ruaridh Beaton/Lewis Hildrey & Katie Mackenzie (All S1).
  • 3rd Adam Lloyd/Charlotte Brady/Kyrene Tallach (S3) & Ellie Watson (S2). Clean sweep for Gairloch!
  • S4-6 mixed Relay – 2nd Amber Drummond/ Arlene Morrison/ Morven Maclean(S5) & Adam Lloyd (S3!)

Highland Rowing Festival 2018

Gairloch High School Parent Council Meeting Tuesday, 13th February 2018


Vanessa Quinn – Chair, Julie Brady – Treasurer, Isobel MacKenzie – Acting Head Teacher
Eilidh MacDonald – Head Girl, Angela Tattersall, Debbie Townsend, Gerry Baptist, Lorna Nelson, Sarah Wright, Belinda Brindle, Grahame Mitchell, Angela Rae, Lucy Cairney, Pam Urquhart, Mairi Stephen, Ingela Davis, Fiona Mackenzie, Chris Hildrey, Hazel Mackenzie,


Kirsty Copland – Secretary, Stuart Smith, Maureen Cumming, Alison Rushbrooke

1. Review of previous minutes
2. Matters arising from previous meeting (VQ)
3. Head Teacher’s Report (IM)
4. School nurse (PM)
5. Choices S2 (AR)
6. Appointment Head Teacher
7. Management of Schools – update (AR)
8. Fundraising
9. Any other business
10. Dates of next meeting 8th May 2018

Gift Your Gear

Gairloch High School has been successfully running the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold level for many years.  Expeditions have been undertaken in sea kayaks, on mountain bikes and on foot.  We have enabled pupils to ‘bag’ Munros and provided alternatives for those unable to complete a ‘full on’ expedition.  Across Highland, Gairloch has more pupils completing their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award than any other school.

In addition to this, we provide S1 pupils with a residential week in the Cairngorms in May every year which includes a range of outdoor activities.  S1 pupils also take part in our SMART course where they experience many different activities throughout the year including climbing and mountain-biking.  S5/6 pupils can opt to take the Outdoor Education course which includes climbing, mountain-biking and hill-walking.

We have a small amount of spare kit (including tents) which is loaned to pupils on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Outdoor kit can be expensive and we have always managed to provide kit for pupils who need it.

This year for the first time we received a large box of great quality outdoor clothing from Gift Your Gear.  The kit will help us to ensure that all our pupils can continue to make the most of the wonderful outdoor environment that surrounds our school.

Gift Your Gear is a UK based initiative, founded by Sarah Howcroft in 2012 to provide donated outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors.

Gift Your Gear encourages people to donate unwanted outdoor clothing and equipment they no longer want or need.

Rohan shops are currently collecting for Gift Your Gear from 1st March to 1st April 2018 in return for a 15% discount on new kit.  Everyone’s a winner!

Gairloch High School Cross Country 2018

Pupils have been working on their cross country fitness, resilience and determination in PE.  On Wednesday 7th March we had our schools cross country competition.  It was perfect running conditions as most of our cross country season has been this year.  A small group of pupils ventured out for the run, including all S1, S3 long PE and many other willing runners.  Thanks to the senior pupils who helped marshal and assist on the day.

The results were:

S1-3 Girls
  • Winner joint 1st = Maisie Baptist (S3) and Kirsty MacDonald (S2)
  • 2nd – Helen Urquhart (S1)
  • 3rd – Izzy MacDonald (S1)
S1-3 Boys
  • Winner 1st – Corey Maclennan (S2)
  • 2nd – Sam Frost (S2)
  • 3rd – Luke Elder (S2)
S4-6 Boys winner joint 1st = Callum MacDonald (S4) Joel Goldby (S4)
No S4-6 girls running this year.

School Cross Country

Well done to all our winners and to everyone that took part!

S1 beach clean report

What did we do?

We held a beach clean at the beach beside the myrtle bank on the 26th of February, and got some people from the community to help us pick litter up of the beach so that animals don’t get injured from plastic,ropes,fishing nets or any other form of litter.
S1 Beach Clean
How did we do it?
We went of into groups and spread out across the beach on both sides of the river with a bin bag each.In the end we had collected 60kg of litter from the beach.
S1 Beach Clean
Why did we do it?

We cleaned the beach because every year over 1,000,000 animals die because of litter,so we helped our community a little by cleaning up our beach to help our beach to be safe.also the beach wouldn’t look very appealing if we didn’t clean it.

by Katie and Ruaridh

Ski Trip 2018

Twenty eight pupils, three staff and two adult helpers travelled to Les Menuires in the French Alps in January this year.  The conditions were fantastic, lots of sunshine, snow and blue bird days.  Intrepid beginners soon became proficient and those who had skied before developed their skills to a high standard.   We met up with a group from Lochaber High School and friendships developed!  The comments which follow are from pupils’ evaluations – we think they had a great time and would love to return!

Ski Trip 2018

There are loads of photos of the trip on Flickr.

Ski Trip 2018

  • Fun, eventful, tiring
  • Challenging, exciting, rewarding
  • Amazing fun interesting
  • Learned many things
  • fun, memorable, eventful
  • interesting, scary and adventurous
  • Fun, amazing, beautiful area
  • Sun, snow, ski!
  • Unique, enjoyable, exciting
  • Exciting, tiring, adventurous
  • Frustrating, for filling and exciting
  • Fun, cold, exciting
  • Amazing, Highlight, Memorable
  • amazing fun exciting
  • Amazing, unreal, enjoyable
  • amazing, super, fun
  • Interesting, educational and intense
  • Unforgettable
  • Exciting,
  • Eventful
  • Skiing was great!
  • Interesting learning experience
  • Fun educational amazing
  • Entertaining, action-packed, relaxing
  • Fun, good experiences, funny
  • This was a well organized trip
  • I really enjoyed the trip and this should definitely be repeated so more people can get the opportunity to learn to ski
  • The skiing was the best part by far and I feel I’ve tried some new things and developed my own abilities further.
  • The local pizzeria however was top quality 🙂
  • Better than last year
  • Loved it!
  • It was a great experience and it was amazing to get the chance to ski abroad
  • Really enjoyed the skiing and all the jumps we did
  • It was really fun and would love another trip
  • If you have the chance to go definitely go because it’s a trip you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • i absolutely loved the trip and cant wait till next year!
  • It was a great trip, and thank you to the teachers for giving their time to take us.
  • it is recommended to go to if you get the opportunity and i would defiantly go again
  • it was an unforgettable and amazing experience and i would do anything to do it again, it especially good to be with Lochaber high since they are scottish and we can learn to know each other better
  • I really enjoyed it
  • I really enjoyed it and hope I can go again
  • I hope that we can go again