Activity Tourism go Kayaking

Our Activity Tourism course often works with local providers and draws on the wealth of experience they have in operating successful businesses sharing outdoor activities with locals and tourists. Ewe Canoe, one such provider, has been working in partnership with the pupils this year. Jasmine Connop (S5) tells us about their experience.

We went out for the day Kayaking, in the harbour, with Connor Brown.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

Lots more photos on Flickr

We did it Because we had to experience an activity in the local area, plus we had to find out information about the activity like: Hazards involved when doing the activity and how to do the activity. Although we had to do it to pass our units, we also did it for fun and for experience in kayaking.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

We learned what equipment is needed to keep us safe when kayaking, we learned how to work as a team and how to stick as a group, also we learned how to turn the kayak in a more efficient way.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

It was a very worth while experience, I personally would 100% do that again. Connor made it very enjoyable by playing games, teaching new skills and he kept on top of how we were feeling to make sure we were all okay and were happy.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

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