S6 Leavers 2017

Unfortunately for the school, this is the last day that the sixth years shall officially be in classes. On behalf of everyone in sixth year, I would like to say a massive thank you to the teachers and staff who have put so much effort into helping us achieve our aims and putting up with us through a long and memorable six years.   

By Alasdair “Buckets” MacDonald, Depute Head Boy


Swimming Gala

33 pupils took part in our annual swimming gala, which saw our three houses (Tollaidh, Kerry and Maree) compete for points across a number of different races.

Swimming Gala 2017

Some excellent swimming and fierce competition – especially in the relays!

Swimming Gala 2017

We held mixed relays this year of boys and girls which worked very well. The results were:

S1/2 Kerry 1st, Maree 2nd and Tollaidh 3rd.
S3-6 Maree 1st,Tollaidh 2nd and Kerry 3rd.

The final results saw Maree with 208 points, Kerry with 178 points and Tollaidh with 121. Well done to all who took part!

Rotary Young Photographer of the Year

Three pupils had their portfolio of work commended by the judges during the Rotary Young Photographer of the Year competition.

Arlene (S4) submitted three pieces on the competition theme of reflections. These show wintery scenes at Loch Achanalt, near Achnasheen.

Lucy (S2) travelled to different places for her photographs. Two of hers were taken close to where she lives in Poolewe.

Lastly, Charlotte (S2)’s photos come from around Wester Ross. The one in the banner is a sunset over Achnasheen and this below was taken at Strath Carron.

Well done to all three girls on their achievements. The competition will be run again next year and we hope that other pupils will be inspired to take part.

Easter Assembly

We joined with members of the wider school community to celebrate the end of term and mark Easter.

We had an inclusive display from the Lord-Lieutenant’s Youth Award winning basketball team to highlight the importance of working as individuals and a team.

Easter Assembly 2017

The Skills & Learning group from West Highland College UHI – Gairloch, who meet in the school each Wednesday, were also presented with their RSPB Love Nature Wild Challenge awards.

Easter Assembly 2017

We were also able to celebrate the success of a number of different pupils.

Eight pupils from S5 have been presented with their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Completed over 6 months they were involved in many different activities to contribute to their volunteering, skills and physical sections. They included – amongst others – learning the chanter, coaching badminton, beach cleans, playing the saxophone, indoor rowing, archery, operating the PA system at Church, helping with Scouts, playing the piano and shooting. Well done Gregor, Roddy, Iain, Jack, Carys, Eilidh, Hannah and Leonie!

Awards Easter 2017

Catherine & Scarlet (both S4) were presented with their bronze Duke of Edinburgh certificates. The girls took part in improving their skills on the violin & electric guitar, volunteering at a local children’s group and with the GALE centre and together took part in Indoor Rowing.

Awards Easter 2017

Lucy, Arlene, Charlotte & Natasha (Primary) were awarded certificates for their entries into the Rotary International Young Photographer Competition. Their photos, on the theme of reflections, are on display in the library over the next few weeks.

Awards Easter 2017

Easter 2017 – End of Term Information for Parents and Carers

The school closes at 3.30 pm on Wednesday 5 April 2017 and will reopen for pupils and staff on Monday 24 April 2017.

Monday 1 May 2017 is a public holiday and the school will also be closed to pupils on Thursday 4 May 2017 for staff in-service training purposes.  Some pupils will be sitting SQA exams on this date and should attend school as arranged.

Our new timetable for current S1, S2 and S3 pupils will change on Monday 15 May 2017, please note that we will be operating our new school week from that date:

Monday – Thursday          8.45 am – 3.35 pm

Friday                                  8.45 am – 1.10 pm (buses will leave at 1.20 pm)

Primary 7 induction dates

Tuesday 20, Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 June 2017.

An information letter will be issued during our first week back to school.

Co-fharpais Eadar-theangachaidh Ghàidhlig / Gaelic Translation Competition

Hannah Wood (S5) air co-fharpais eadar-theangachaidh nàiseanta a bhuannachadh / wins national translation competition

Anns an sgoil, ghabh sinn pàirt ann an co-fharpais eadar-theangachaidh airson luchd-ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig.  Bha a’ cho-fharpais air a ruith le Foghlam Alba, agus dh’fheumadh sinn eadar-theangachadh gu Gàidhlig a dhèanamh air sgeulachd-beatha Alexander Graham Bell.

As part of our Higher Gaelic class, we took part in a translation competition, run by Education Scotland, for Gaelic learners.  We had to translate a short biography on Alexander Graham Bell from English to Gaelic.  

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 09.57.52

Bha i uabhasach doirbh, oir bha mòran bhriathran toinnte innte.  Ach nam bheachd, ged a bha a’ cho-fharpais dùbhlanach, bha i glè mhath airson ar sgilean Gàidhlig a leasachadh.

It was really difficult, as the biography contained lots of fairly sophisticated and scientific English.  However, although the task was challenging, I think it was really good for helping to improve our Gaelic.  

An t-seachdain ’s a chaidh, fhuair mi post-dealain bho Fhoghlam Alba, agus bha iongnadh orm oir dh’inns e dhomh gun robh mise air a’ cho-fharpais a bhuannachadh!  Bidh m’ obair air a cur air làrach-lìn Foghlam Alba – an t-Ionad-Leasachaidh Nàiseanta – le na sgeulachdan-beatha aig luchd-saidheans Albannach eile.

Last week, I received an email from Education Scotland, and I was really surprised because they were writing to tell me that I’d won!  My work will be going up on their website – the National Improvement Hub – alongside the biographies of other Scottish scientists.

Gàidhlig agus Beurla / Gaelic and English – Hannah Wood (S5)

Activity Tourism go Kayaking

Our Activity Tourism course often works with local providers and draws on the wealth of experience they have in operating successful businesses sharing outdoor activities with locals and tourists. Ewe Canoe, one such provider, has been working in partnership with the pupils this year. Jasmine Connop (S5) tells us about their experience.

We went out for the day Kayaking, in the harbour, with Connor Brown.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

Lots more photos on Flickr

We did it Because we had to experience an activity in the local area, plus we had to find out information about the activity like: Hazards involved when doing the activity and how to do the activity. Although we had to do it to pass our units, we also did it for fun and for experience in kayaking.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

We learned what equipment is needed to keep us safe when kayaking, we learned how to work as a team and how to stick as a group, also we learned how to turn the kayak in a more efficient way.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

It was a very worth while experience, I personally would 100% do that again. Connor made it very enjoyable by playing games, teaching new skills and he kept on top of how we were feeling to make sure we were all okay and were happy.

Activity Tourism with Ewe Canoe

S1 Beach Clean

As part of their John Muir Award, which has them discovering, exploring, conserving and sharing local wild places, S1 were out in force this week!

We did an S1 beach clean to make it look cleaner for the public and tourists that come and visit Gairloch. (Alana)

S1 Beach Clean 2017

More photos on Flickr

We found loads of small bits of rope that had been washed onto the beach. Although they were tiny, they can still be dangerous for birds, so we got as much as we could. (Ruaraidh)

S1 Beach Clean 2017

This will help to save the wildlife that lives on the beach and to keep their habitats clean and healthy (Hannah)

S1 Beach Clean 2017