Highland Badminton Competition

On Friday the 20th of January, Josh Tallach, Liam Forbes, and Eoin Cumming went to Inverness to represent the school at an S1/2 Badminton competition. This was a new team event organised by Badminton Scotland. They did very well against some of the bigger schools and went on to win their league which put them into the final.

This is what Josh had to say:

It was an early rise, with us having to be in Inverness for 9:30am. This was a great experience for us and we learnt a lot from watching other players. We managed to get to the final, but we got beaten by Millburn Academy. We are really thankful that Mrs Cumming took us over and supported us throughout the day. We are also thankful to Mrs Hildrey for organising everything. This was a great day out that we enjoyed.

Josh Tallach, S2

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