School news 22nd January 2016

Exam action planning – Mr Hulme has been working with S3 on learning and revision and has issued the class with notes on this to help in their studies. Find out more here and access resources to assist your child with study.

Homework Policy – The revised homework policy is available on the school website. This includes details of expectations and provides support and advice for parents, based on current educational research, to help their children.  Click here to access the policy and other support documents.

Futurechef Success – S3 pupil Emily Morrison is progressing through the finals of FutureChef 2016.  Read about it here and see some photos.

Futurechef 2016

Senior Art Trip – From the 14th-16th December a group of Higher and National 5 pupils were taken to Glasgow to see an Advanced Higher Exhibition organised by the SQA at Scotland Street School.  In addition, pupils saw the Turner Prize Exhibition at Tramway and visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and Glasgow School of Art.  In our free time we were given the chance to see the Christmas lights and enjoy the fair at George Square.  We also visited the Christmas market at St Enoch Square.

The trip was a fantastic experience for us all as the excellent Advanced Higher work on display gave us inspiration for our own work.  It also gave us a chance to look at contemporary art that was different from anything we had seen before – Charlotte Kelman S6

Art Trip Glasgow 2015Click on the photo to see more images

Build a Bridge Competition CITB – On Thursday 14th January our S2 class had a visit from Billy Skinner of CITB Alba Scotland.  He came to do a class competition where we had to build bridges.  CITB is an organisation, which takes on young apprentices and encourages STEM activities.

We were put into houses groups of four (Maree, Kerry and Tollaidh).  Mr Skinner became our client and he gave us his terms and conditions on how he wanted the bridge built (e.g. max width was 15cm, max length 110cm).  We had a type of ‘shop’ set up where we would ask for supplies such as wood rods and they would cost around £250.  Our running cost was totalled every time we bought more materials.  We had from 9am to 2pm to plan, design and build the bridge.  But just like real clients Mr Skinner restricted our use of certain materials.  During the building we all had great fun but had to keep in mind it was a competition.  At 2pm everyone’s bridge had 10kg hung off it and then weights added until it collapsed. The strongest bridge held 45kg!  You can only imagine the tension as each kilogram was put on.  In the end there were different awards – best team skills, strongest and most cost effective bridge, mention of those who might be taken on as an apprentice and everyone got a certificate.  The Kerry team, Cameron MacLennan, Jasmine Brown, Amy Gudgeon and Dylan Paterson built the strongest most cost effective bridge.  Overall it was a great day and a brilliant change from our normal subjects! – Isabella Wiseman (S2)

Bridge Building Competition 2016You can see lots of photos from this event by clicking on the image above

S3 BiologyI thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Flowerdale – Mr Cunningham clearly knows pretty much everything about the area so listening to what he had to say was pretty interesting. I also thought hearing about how electrofishing works was cool, interesting to spectate too. (Amber Drummond – S3)

You can read more about this field trip and lecture here or by clicking on the photo below

S3 Team Biology

Important DatesCheck out the website here or phone the school if you require information about events.

  • 22nd January – prelims end
  • 19th Feb – S5/6 reports issued
  • 24th Feb – S5/6 Parent Evening
  • 29th Feb – S3 exams begin
  • 1st March – S4 reports issued
  • 3rd March – S4 Parent Evening

Erratum – Jordan Gorman, after a stiff selection process, was invited to join the Under 18 Scottish Basketball Squad and not the badminton squad as incorrectly reported in last issue of the Gairloch and District Times.

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