Google Expeditions and virtual reality technology

What is going on?  This all looks very strange.

Google Expeditions VR technology
On Thursday 5th November a member of the Google UK team visited the school, bringing sets of smartphones and headsets loaded up with expeditions to sites across the world and beyond! As some of the first young people in the world to test this technology it brought a great deal of excitement to the classroom! Geographers in S1 were able to compare the Earth, Moon and Mars; S2 and S3 were able to explore sights across the world and the seniors visited Brazil, India and Nigeria to contrast urban environments. Pupils in Biology explored underwater environments across the world and those in Physics spent some time at CERN. Our Rural Skills and Technologies pupils saw a host of different landscapes and engineering projects. The ‘goggles glasses” provide a shared virtual reality environment in the classroom allowing pupils to take a virtual fieldtrip to amazing locations. Google Expeditions VR technology

Thanks to Miss Smith for organising and here are a couple of comments from pupils:

“It was amazing – I don’t know how they do it, but for it to work so well, you can look 360 degrees around you in all sorts of places in the world – from space, the rainforest, cities to even Antarctica, is just great”

“I enjoyed the Google Expedition, really fun and I can’t wait till it’s fully realised.”

Click on the photos to see some more strange goings on.  Of course you can’t see the virtual world that the pupils were part of.  At least not yet!


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