Interdisciplinary work – the £2.50 microscope

MarchThere is recognition among scientists and educationalists that many projects these days cross traditional discipline boundaries. For example, modern microscopy demands high level input from biologists, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists.  We want to give pupils experience of true interdisciplinary working.  In conjunction with a Scottish Schools’ Education Research Centre (SSERC) project we have adapted pupils’ smartphones for use as microscopes – using a simple lens system from a laser pen.

This will involve S1 pupils in Craft, Design and Technology, Physics and Biology.

  • CDT: Pupils design a template and make the microscope using 5mm perspex, nuts and bolts and a 7mm collimating lens from a laser pen
  • Physics: Refraction and lenses, theory and practice
  • Biology: Filming cells and microscopic animals.

In the image here you can see red onion cells photographed on a mobile phone sitting on top of the home made microscope.

Read more about this month’s Rolls-Royce activities here.

Rolls-Royce Science Competition 2015

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