School news 20th February 2015

GOLD Duke of Edinburgh Award – Sofie Banister has completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Sofie will receive her award at an official ceremony in the summer. Meanwhile her name has been added to the Honours Board in the school hall alongside the names of other pupils that have achieved Gold. Well-done Sofie – completing this before leaving school is a major achievement requiring focus and determination! Freya Baptist and Matthew MacLean received their Silver certificates and Jack McCruden has been awarded Bronze at School Assembly.

Cross Country 2015Sofie Banister – recent recipient of her GOLD DofE Award also won the Senior Girls Cross Country Event.  Read more below.

More Badminton Success – Nadia Fenton, S1, has achieved success in the Highland Badminton Group U13 competition held at Charleston Academy on 3rd February. Nadia and her partner came first in the doubles. Nadia also got a third place in the mixed doubles and reached the quarterfinals of the singles.

U13 Badminton Success

Higher Geography involved in Local Planning – As part of their consultation process for the West Highlands and Islands Local Development plan, Lynn Clarke and Carrie Grant from the Highland Council’s planning department visited Higher Geography pupils to hear their vision for Gairloch and the surrounding area. After an introduction to what a local development plan is pupils identified what they liked about the area and how those things could be safeguarded. Pupils were then invited to start their own submissions to the consultation by using local maps to mark areas for different land uses – housing, retail, industry and open space to name a few. Some of the ideas they came up with ranged from more affordable housing in Gairloch, an expansion to the college, greater number of bus stops, large protected areas as a National Park and even a bakery. These maps will now be completed and passed along to the planning team to take to other public bodies for consideration. Pupils will be able to see these reflected in the draft plan due towards the end of 2015.

Higher Geography

The Touring Network – “Titus” by Jan SobrieThanks to Miss Mackison and West Coast Arts, the Touring Network came to our school on 3rd February to perform, but it had been kept a secret. We were about to start our English lesson, just beginning to wonder why the second years were in the class too, when a random stranger came into the room and stood on the table at the front!  We didn’t have time to figure out what was happening before “10-year-old Titus” started to tell us his life story, as if he were standing on the edge of his school roof. Gavin Wright, who played Titus and all the other characters in his story, was really funny, but some parts of the story were sad and dealt with serious things too.  Normally you expect to go to a theatre to see a play performed, but this play came right into our classroom for us – as did a fresh sardine which flew through the air (thrown by Gavin’s assistant Lou Turnbull from the corridor) to help us believe that our dreams can come true! (Nadia Fenton and Cameron Maclennan, S1)

Some pupil comments:

  • …out of the blue a man wearing bright red shoes, looking lost, stormed into our class and climbed onto the table!
  • It was a great performance, well worth watching.
  • It was so much fun instead of doing normal English!
  • It was really surprising to see a man walk into class and shout from a table.  It really grabbed everyone’s attention.
  • …the room was filled with laughter – it was great.
  • Gavin had a lot of energy.
  • At the start I was scared that a drunk had walked into the class!
  • I loved it when he just entered the room and stood on the table and started smiling!
  • I wish I could watch it again.
  • When Gavin came in I was at first like – ?  But then he got on the table and I was still like – ?  Then he told the story and I was like – oh!
  • I thought the best part of the play was when the fish fell out of the sky.  It was brilliant!
  • Of course it was a bit weird, a random guy walking into the class, but it was great!
  • Something I won’t forget!
  • I would pay to see that in a theatre.
  • The actor did a great job playing multiple emotions and roles.
  • When he first came in I thought he was checking the electricity!
  • Today a random guy walked into the classroom and proceeded to perform a one-man show!
  • It was funny and sad at the same time.
  • It was great how the actor made a school desk come to life!
  • There was a lot of suspension of disbelief.

Malawi Quiz Night – Well done to the S2/S3 Malawi Fundraising team! They raised £328 on the evening of Friday 6th February during the quiz. They did a very good job welcoming members of the community, serving teas and coffees, selling raffle tickets and of course presenting the quiz! A big thank you should go to Miss Velt for organizing the pupils and everyone who contributed and took part.

Cross Country EventOn Wednesday the 11th of February, the Gairloch High cross-country took place with 54 pupils taking part. Due to the muddy portions of the track, we were briefed to run to the conditions to avoid injury. The course was enjoyable with challenging uphill sections to go with the fast paced downhill areas on the mixed track at Flowerdale. The cold air provided good running conditions and combined with dry weather allowing the participants to push themselves to the best of their ability. (Alasdair Macdonald and James Aaron S5).

Sofie Banister (S6) was first of the Senior Girls to complete the course followed by Laura Russell and then Eilidh Johnston and Catherine Wyatt battling it out for 3rd and 4th place. The Junior Girls’ race was very competitive and all the top places went to S1 girls. The race was won by Emma MacDonald with Isabella Wiseman in 2nd place and Nadia Fenton in 3rd.

Jordan Gorman won the Senior Boys’ race followed by Alasdair ‘Buckets’ MacDonald in 2nd and Alasdair MacDonald (S5) in 3rd. The Junior Boys’ race was a tie with David MacGregor, Iain Nelson and Evan MacPhail all crossing the finish line together. Well done to all runners who completed the course and tried their best.

Thanks to Mr Bowker, Mr Johnston, Ms Newman, Miss MacAllister, Miss Smith, Mrs Hildrey and Mrs Johnston who helped with marshalling, photography and driving duties. Well done also to members of the Activity Tourism class who set out arrows round the course, marshalled, took photographs and did the scoring on the day. Thanks also to Mrs & Mrs Mackenzie for providing us with shelter, refreshments and use of the garden in front of Flowerdale House to warm-up, start and finish the races.

Photos can be seen on the website by clicking here or on the photo of Jordan Gorman winner of the Senior Boys below.

Cross Country 2015

S1 GRAND BRING AND BUY SALE – We welcome donations: baking, books, DVDs & CDs, bric-a-brac, plants, electrical items in good working order, toys, clothes in good condition, jewellery, bottles and raffle prizes.

Items for the sale can be:

  • Handed to any member of the school
  • Delivered direct to the Community Hall on Friday 13th March between 3.30pm and 6pm
  • Collected by us – call the school office on 712275 and leave your details.

The sale takes place on Saturday 14th March – 10am in the Gairloch Community Hall – please support S1 pupils!

Parent Council fund-raising – The Parent Council are selling blank cards from various locations around the area. The cards use photographs submitted by school pupils. With the help of local photographer Gordon Harrison parents selected photographs taken by Iain Nelson, Holly Morrison and Amy Tattersall. The colour photo-cards are available for £1 each of 6 for £5 if you take one of each. Cards can be viewed and purchased in the School Library and Laide Post Office

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