End of term arrangements

The Christmas Dance seems to have been a big success with many pupils and parents making positive comments about the event.  In the last week there is a distinct sense that it is nearly the Christmas holiday but we still expect the pupils to continue with their learning.

S4, S5 and S6 pupils all have prelim exams when they return in January and cannot afford to relax or ease off in their studies.  In S6 we expect pupils to take much more responsibility for organising work schedules and planning their study routine both in school and at home.  Pupils hoping to continue their education in university cannot achieve success by only working in school under teacher direction.  We hope all the pupils will show focus and care in their work even if they do not wish to attend university!  There are study clubs organised in the first week back after the holidays.  Attendance this year has been lower than normal which I find slightly concerning.

Those applying for university in the coming year need to have their applications complete by Thursday, 8th January.

To encourage healthy bodies as well as healthy minds we have arranged a number of activities that allow the pupils to mix in different groups and gain house points.  This should not be interpreted as a time-filler.  We view these events as an important part of the school calendar and participation by pupils contributes towards the competition for the House shield.

On Thursday we will have the annual School Quiz. All pupils are already in House teams so if anyone is absent they may be letting their team and House down!  During the day between interval and lunch we will also be having an indoor rowing competition.  All pupils can row for individual points or join a House team.

On Friday morning we run our own version of the Krypton Factor and again I expect all pupils to come and take part.

After lunch on Friday there will be an assembly and pupils will head home with buses collecting pupils at 1.15pm from the school.  School will re-open on Monday 5th January 2015.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year!

John Port
Gairloch High School

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