DNA in Science: Forensics, Ebola, Human Evolution and the Future of Personalised Medicine plus practical – isolating DNA from fruit

On Friday 21st November 8pm, former pupil, Jennifer Port will hold a presentation in Gairloch High Science Department to discuss DNA in the world of science. This will include an introduction to DNA and various modern techniques used to understand Ebola, Human Evolution, Forensics and what this means for the future of personalised medicine.

We also plan to provide the the opportunity for you to extract DNA from various fruits. All welcome. You can ring the school beforehand on 712275 and let us know if you might be coming, message us here on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/808947435831521/ or just turn up.

The pupils will also take part in the DNA day.  TIMSTAR’s Lucienne McCallum and PhD student, Jennifer Port will be running presentations and activities throughout the day.

S5-6 will be given an introduction to the use of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and DNA fingerprinting in various scientific fields including Forensics, Infectious diseases control, Genomic Screening and Oncology. This will include a practical which allows the students to isolate their own DNA from saliva and visualise their ‘DNA fingerprint’.

S2-3 will be given an overview of the work that Jennifer does in the field of Cancer research including her university career so far and an introduction to Cancer. The students will also be shown how to extract DNA from various fruits, a surprisingly easy procedure which is crucial to research all over the world.

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