School news 10th January 2014

Best wishes for the New Year from everyone at the school – As we enter 2014 it’s back to work with a vengeance. Prelims for S4/5/6 pupils begin on the Tuesday 14th January.  After-school study clubs have already taken place first week back.

S2 parents have been invited to the school on the evening of the 14th January to discuss course choices in preparation for their sons and daughters entering S3 next session.  The relevant paperwork was sent home before Christmas and is available here on the school website.

At assembly before the Christmas holiday the following pupils were awarded the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:  Silver – Siobhan Vickerstaff,  Bronze – Freya Baptist, Charlie Bulmer, Alfie Gudgeon, Joseph Smith, Calum Nelson and Matthew MacLean.  Well done to each of them for putting in the effort and commitment required to achieve this prestigious award!

S6 Christmas Dance 2013

The School Christmas Dance was a great success with music, food and dancing right up to 11pm and beyond. Thanks go to everyone who helps make this fabulous occasion possible – the list is long but the pupils appreciate it.  Office staff sell tickets and manage the finance.  Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Mackenzie, along with others too numerous to mention, who purchase and prepare the half-time banquet.  On the night this group of staff spend the first half of the evening in the school preparing the food while the pupils dance to the music.  Trish and Bruce provided the music this year and it was VERY well received by all.  Prior to the dance Mrs. Johnston and other staff helped teach and reinforce social dance skills allowing S1 to S6 pupils to participate comfortably with reels, waltzes and jigs.  Our piping tutor, Mr. Gary Nimmo and the newly formed pipe band provided a rousingly traditional opening.  We are greatly appreciative of the continued support of the local garage for laying on transport to and from the dance along with additional minibus driving this year from Mr. Bowker and Dr Shearer.

Finally it is worth mentioning that it is the pupils’ participation and enthusiasm that make this such an event and worthy of the effort put in by so many.

S5 Christmas Dance 2013

Photographs of this event and others can be viewed on the school website by clicking here.

Krypton Factor, Indoor Rowing & School Quiz – We like to end the term with a variety of activities that are important educationally yet encourage a sense of community and challenge.  Thanks to Mr. Hulme and Dr Caley the school quiz provides a challenge that all pupils can take part in! Pupils are mixed into House Teams and compete for House points.  Impressively this year the quiz continued through a power cut and much fun was had trying to attempt the picture rounds in the looming darkness of a December afternoon!

The pupils also took part in an Inter-House indoor rowing competition organised by Mrs. Johnston and her Activity Tourism pupils. House points could be gained either as part of a team event or by taking part in an individual rowing challenge.  Nearly every pupil in the school attempted a personal challenge.  Well done all!

Indoor Rowing Competition 2013

Click on the photo to see more images from the rowing event

Finally Mr. Johnston with help from many staff organized a Krypton Factor Challenge.  Pupils, again in House Teams, took part in Mental Arithmetic, Mental Agility, Observation and Listening, Strength, Endurance & Sports’ Skills.  All had good fun and we hope that pupils get to know each other a little better by taking part in events that are a bit different from the norm.

Previously on the evening of Tuesday 10th December a large number of parents and other members of the community turned out to hear our S5 and S6 pupils talk about their recent trips abroad.  The 10 pupils that went to Malawi each spoke for around 5 minutes describing different aspects of the trip.  After a refreshment break that included a range of Scottish, Malawian and Latvian cake and sweets, Innis Taylor and Becky Griggs gave a presentation about their recent trip to Latvia.  It was an enjoyable evening that showed the benefits of opportunities offered to pupils.  Thanks must be given to all the staff involved in supporting the pupils throughout!

On Wednesday 11th December we had our annual Christmas Lunch prepared by Mrs Libby McLean and her canteen staff.  This year the Prefects suggested a Christmas dress code.  They purchased Christmas Crackers and took donations form staff and pupils.  As a result the school donated £80 to the Salvation Army in Inverness!  Well done to the pupils for taking the initiative and introducing an enjoyable and worthy variation that is likely to be repeated next year.

Christmas Lunch 2013

Click on the photo to see more images from the Christmas Lunch

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