Amended Curriculum Structure from Session 2014/2015

Before Christmas parents of S1 and S2 pupils were sent information regarding changes to our curriculum structures that will be implemented next session.  This has a bearing on planning taking place for course choice for pupils in S2 about to enter the third year of their Broad General Education.

The attached information is a copy of the information sent to all those with children in S1 and S2.  We have discussed these changes with the Parent Council and asked pupils throughout the school to give their views on the changes.

Enclosed (click here) is the current version of the plan with some explanatory notes.  We believe this is the best solution for our pupils within existing resources that meets the requirements of the steer produced by Highland Council.  These changes will be implemented with the next timetable which starts in May for current S2 pupils.  If your son or daughter is in S1 just now they will come into effect when they enter S3.

Parents of S2 are invited to a meeting with the Senior Management Team and Pupil Support on Tuesday 14th January 2014 at 7pm.

If any parent of S1 wishes to discuss the details I would suggest they attend the next Parent Council Meeting or arrange to see me at the school.



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