School news 15th November 2013

Charities – The “Wear it Pink” day on 25th October, which included a sale of lots of home baking, raised £340.32 for Breast Cancer Care UK and Julie Alexander’s Fund Raising Shop contributed a further £100. A Halloween fancy dress day on 31st October, which saw many extraordinary and imaginative costumes, often rendering the wearer unrecognisable, raised £203.20 which will be split between two local causes: the Torridon Mountain Rescue Team and the Coastguard service. Well done to all who helped to organise these events and thanks to everyone who contributed.

Breast Cancer Awareness

That’s over £900 raised for charity already this session, excluding any funds for Malawi. Our next event will be for BBC Children in Need on the 15th November.

Robotic Pyeloplasty – Ten senior pupils were able to watch a live kidney operation through the wonders of the Internet, on Monday 4th November. Consultant surgeon Mr Ranjan Thilagarajah from the Broomfield hospital in Essex carried out the operation. The pupils were able to ask him questions via Skype afterwards. The procedure (a ‘pyeloplasty’) was carried out by a £1.6M robot that Mr Thilagarajah controlled remotely, allowing damage to the kidney to be minimised. It made for fascinating viewing. Also watching was a conference of Urological surgeons in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to Cerno Health for granting access to the event and to Susan MacLean from the West Highland College, for allowing access to their wireless network.

Deasbad Nàiseanta Ghàidhlig  BT / BT National Gaelic DebateChaidh Deasbad na bliadhna seo a chumail ann an Steòrnabhagh air a’ chòigeamh agus an t-siathamh latha den t-Samhainn. Am-bliadhna, ’s iad Calum Nelson agus Alfie Gudgeon a ghabh pàirt. ’S ann an aghaidh Ardsgoil Lochabar a bha na balaich agus ’s e am moladh a bh’ aca: “Bu chòir lagh a bhith ann gun dean daoine a tha a’ faighinn sochairean sòisealta, agus a tha fallain, obair fheumail sa choimhearsnachd”. Aig a’ cheann thall, bha sgioba Gheàrrloch beagan mì-fhortanach nach deach iad air adhart dhan ath-chuairt ach ’s e deagh chothrom a bha anns an tachartas dha na balaich:

This year’s Debate was held in Stornoway on the 5th and 6th of November.  Calum Nelson and Alfie Gudgeon took part this year. The boys were against Lochaber High School and their motion was “There should be a law that those who are healthy and receive social benefits will do useful work in the community”. At the end, the Gairloch team was a little unfortunate not to progress to the next round but the event was a good opportunity for the boys.

Calum: Bha e inntinneach na deasbadan eile fhaicinn. Chòrd an deasbad againn rium agus saoilidh mi gun urrainn dhomh cànan nas fheàrr a chleachdadh san sgoil às dèidh dhomh pàirt a ghabhail.It was interesting to see the other debates. I enjoyed our own debate and I think that I will be able to use a higher level of language in school having taken part.

Alfie: ‘S e eòlas uabhasach feumail is spòrsail a bh’ anns an Deasbad air mo shon. Saoilidh mi gum bi mi nas fheàrr air deasbadan anns an àm ri teachd. Cuideachd, tha mi a’ smaointinn gu bheil mi nas dearbhte a-nis.The Debate was a useful, fun experience for me. I think that I will be better at debating in the future. I also am of the opinion that I am more confident now.

Ardsgoil Ghearrloch

Basketball – The senior boys’ basketball team (Ross Wotherspoon, Luke Gorman, Innis Taylor, Jake MacDonald, Joe Smith, Matthew MacLean, Referdinand Balanquit and Jordan Gorman) have played two games in the national schools’ cup recently, winning one and losing one. They are playing well so far!  Results on 31/10/13 Gairloch 63 – Invergordon 36 and on 6/11/13 Gairloch 50 – Alness 77.

Basketball photo

The next game is against the Nicolson Institute (Stornoway), on Friday 15th November.

Martial Arts Competition – On October 28th Evan McPhail, Roddy Wyatt and Hector Maclennan took part in a martial arts competition in Ullapool.  Three fighting schools were taking part in 4 categories judged by the Scottish Fighting Arts Society.  Each of the three boys, members of the Cameron School of Martial Arts, won a range of medals for their performances in the competitions.  Evan won Gold in Open Hand Form, Gold in Weapons Form and Silver in the Team Form along with Hector and Roddy.  Hector also won a Gold in the Sparring.  Roddy also won Silver in Sparring and Bronze in the Open Hand Form.  He also won an extra trophy for the most round house kicks over 3 tries.

The boys also used the event to raise funds for the Sand Charity through sponsorship of their kicks and throws!  Well done to the three of them.

Malawi display and evening presentation – In this issue there is the first report of our trip to Malawi during October.  We have hundreds of photos online (here) along with a Facebook page (The Gairloch Malawi Partnership).  To find out more about the Partnership and our trip to Malawi, pop in to the library where there will be a display from 26th November, check out the photos on the school website and come along to the High School for an evening presentation on Tuesday 10th December.

Malawi Adventure - Mr Port

Click her to read the first part of our article.

Bob Spalding – Staff at the school were sad to hear of the death last week of our former Technical teacher (late 1970s to 1993). Our condolences go to his friends and family.

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