School news October 5th 2012

Art with Artists – Three artists from the Ceangal  International  Residency visited GHS  during the week commencing Monday 17th September.  S1 were extremely lucky to get the opportunity to work with these talented artists; Anish Ahlulwalia from New Delhi, Sarah Olson from New York and Vicky Stonebridge from Lochcarron.  Miss Gulliver also came along and enjoyed working alongside the pupils.

The artists were working on a theme of ‘wishes’, incorporating nature into their work in different ways. Their intention was to include the work of the pupils’ along with their own. Vicky and Anish worked with S1A.  The pupils made paper with Vicky, some of the pulp was made from peat and the pupils decorated their paper with leaves and berries.  Anish gave his groups rhododendron leaves and asked the pupils to decorate them and write some special wishes on to them.  Later in the week, Anish intended to put the leaves into a creel along with others from his project.  This creel is on display outside the GALE Centre as part of the Ceangal Exhibition.  Vicky had a little ‘wishing tree’ with her and asked the pupils to make paper leaves recording things that they felt grateful for in life.  They were then tied on to the tree and suspended from it.  Some of the comments from the pupils were most endearing!

Ceangal - Connections

There are photos on the website that can be seen by clicking on the photo above.

When Sarah came in to work with S1B the pupils made little plastic flowers from recycled bags that were attached to plastic bottle tops.  Sarah would then attach the colourful flowers to a rope, alongside others that she had made.

The pupils threw themselves into this interesting work and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  They did a review after the event and here are some comments from the pupils:  Overall I had a really fun time with Anish and Vicky making paper and writing on leaves.  I can’t wait to see what the paper looks like when it’s dry. Lauren MacDonald.  We spent about an hour and a half on this project and my favourite part was definitely putting my wish on the leaf. Jasmine Connop.   Overall, I found the activities very enjoyable, but my favourite activity had to be paper making.  I liked the paper making because I enjoyed making the paper look pretty. Hannah Wood.   The last workshop I did was when we wrote our wishes on rhododendron leaves that were all put in a lobster creel; I wrote that I wished for world peace.  Overall, it was a very interesting, fun and different lesson. Caitlin Mitchell.

SCHOlympics – A total of 1356 students competed for ’gold’ in the SCHOLympics Quiz by answering a wide range of questions from the subjects covered in the on-line Heriot Watt University SCHOLAR Programme during the period of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics.  Fraser Hinchliff and Callum Vickerstaff (both S6) are two of the senior pupils in Gairloch who make regular use of Scholar materials to support their studies.  The boys decided to take on the challenge of the quiz.  They achieved first and second place nationally out of the 1356 entrants.  Fraser got a score of 86 out of 88 winning a £75 Amazon voucher. Callum received a £50 Amazon Voucher as runner up.  Both were presented with their award at assembly.  Well-done boys!

SCHOlympic Champions

Comenius Greek EveningOn Tuesday 25th September, the Comenius group organised a Greek evening, to celebrate this year’s trip to Greece.  Innis Taylor, Ciaran Alexander and Holly Morrison presented their own slideshows of images and opinions about their experiences, and how great an opportunity it was for them all.  On display was a wide range of Greek artefacts and posters, presented by Mrs. Browne.  After a slideshow of all the activities of the week, the audience was treated to a marvellous array of Greek food, prepared and served by Miss Thistlethwaite’s Hospitality classes.  Mrs. Campbell and Miss Hunter would like to thanks pupils’ families, friends, relatives, members of the community and staff at Gairloch High School for all their support and encouragement during the last 2 years.  This prestigious Comenius project will be hard to follow, but it is hoped to see the school involved in another project in the near future.  In the meantime, please check out the Comenius Project Website that has displays of the work that pupils have completed over the past 2 years.

Am Mod Ionadail – Dihaoine 21/9/12  Chuir mi fhèin is sgoilearan eile seachad an latha seo aig a’ Mhòd ann am Poll Iù. Bha mise a’ dol a ghabhail pàirt anns na co-fharpaisean còmhraidh ’s leughadh às a’ Bhìoball ach cha robh mi an dùil càil a bhuannachadh. Bha sgoilearan eile a’ farpais ann an seinn, bàrdachd ’s innealan-ciùil mar an fhìdheall ‘s am bogsa. Bha sinn ann am Poll Iù airson an latha air fad ’s bha na diofar fharpaisean anns an talla, anns an taigh-òsta, anns an eaglais agus anns a’ bhunsgoil. Thàinig mise san treas àite sa cho-fharpais chòmhraidh ’s bha mi gu math toilichte leis a sin. Bha na britheamhan glè mhath agus chòrd an latha rinn uile. Calum Nelson 3A

The Local Mod – Friday 21/9/12.  Myself and other pupils spent this day at the Mod in Poolewe. I was going to take part in conversation and Bible reading competitions but I didn’t expect to win anything. Other pupils were competing in singing, poetry and instrumental competitions such as fiddle and accordion. We were in Poolewe for the whole day and there were different competitions in the hall, the hotel, the church and the primary school. I came third in the conversation competition and I was very happy with this. The adjudicators were very good and we all enjoyed the day.  Calum Nelson

Creative Ambassadors 2012/13 – Eden Court Theatre are looking for an “ambassador” from every Highland secondary school to advise their Creative Team on delivering dance, drama and digital media across the region.  The ambassadors will have opportunities to meet with actors, dancers, directors and behind-the-scenes crew from world class performances, and will receive complimentary tickets to several shows.  They will act as a link between the theatre and the school.  The young people involved will participate in meetings, pass on information and gain experience supporting and promoting events.  Luke Gorman, S5, has volunteered to take up this role in its first year, and we’re looking forward along with him to seeing the impact this new initiative will have in the school and the community.

Important Dates – Available here on the website.

5th October – School closes for October break (3.40pm)

22nd & 23rd October – INSET Staff only

24th October – Pupils return to lessons.

Phone System – From the middle of August until mid-September our phone system was not working.  The system has now been replaced and, we hope, normal service resumed.  We discovered that although our phones were not ringing or indeed working, callers were hearing the phone ringing out as if unanswered! Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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