School news 20th April 2012

S1 Beach Clean – S1 pupils cleaned the beach between the Myrtle Bank and the Millcroft Hotels just before the end of term.  Hopefully many of you noticed the difference.  The pupils worked hard in the time they had but there is an incredible amount of debris. The staff and pupils involved were joined by some members of the community for the clean-up and the Council picked up the bags of collected rubbish left by the roadside. Thanks to Mr. Johnston for organizing this.  Click on the photo below to see some more images of the beach clean.

S1 Beach Clean


SQA Exams – S4 exams started next week.  Facilities for study are provided within the school.  S5 & S6 begin their exam leave on 4th May.  We wish all the pupils success in their exams and hope that the efforts put in reap appropriate rewards.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Mairi Wyatt has been awarded her Bronze certificate and badge at assembly.  Congratulations to Mairi AGAIN!  Mairi was actually awarded her Bronze at Christmas.  This was a mistake that slipped through the net.

A group of S3 pupils are currently training for their Bronze Expeditions and they will be taking part in outdoor trips over the next few months.

Highland Country Dancing – Last month Eilidh Owens (S3) took part in the Amateur Highland Dancing Competition for youngsters living in Highland.  She received a Gold award after performing six dances. Eilidh then achieved Silver at Scottish National Amateur Level with a further 3 dances.  Eilidh received a highly commended in both competitions.  Well-done to Eilidh!

Edinburgh Visit by the Assist with an Event GroupEuan La Page, Nicholas Stein and Sandy Garrioch (all S5 pupils) have been working with Mrs. Newman to organize a trip to Edinburgh.  This Group is working towards achieving SQA units of award that will be added to their academic qualifications.  These additional units provide breadth to the CV of each pupil and provide valuable real life experience.  The boys had to decide on where they would go and fund raise to pay for the trip.  You may remember that previously they held a car wash at the school as part of their fund raising efforts.  They also had a ‘guess the weight of the cake’ competition before Christmas.

Here is Euan’s report with additional comments by Nick and Sandy from their Computing Studies ‘blogs’.

“On the 5th of March, Euan, Sandy and Nicholas, accompanied by Mrs. Newman and Mr. Milner, travelled down to Edinburgh on the train to visit the National War Museum as part of our course in Assisting with an Event.”

“We caught the train at Achnasheen but on the way we were delayed at Muir of Ord, which meant that we were going to miss our connection to Edinburgh.  The next train wasn’t leaving for another hour so we amused ourselves by going to Morrisons to buy our food for the train.”

“When we got to Edinburgh, we had a 10-minute walk to the hotel, which was just down Princes Street.  It was dark by then and we noticed a number of homeless people asking for money and setting up their beds in shop doors.  Some of them seemed to be Eastern European and we felt sorry for them but wondered why they couldn’t get jobs.”

“The hotel was nice but the rooms where very small and cramped.  However, the beds were very comfortable.  You had to pay for wi-fi and TV for the night.  Sandy paid for the TV and we watched QI and Celebrity Juice for a while.”

“That night, we walked around Edinburgh along some of the narrow back alleys that lead up to the castle.  We also walked down to the parliament building and then to the castle before returning to the hotel.”

Sandy – “We enjoyed a surprisingly tasty meal at McDonalds that night and then Euan and I watched T.V.  The next morning, I was awoken rudely by my alarm at 8 o’clock. The showers were small but still usable; the shower curtain came out in a small circle around you. We were out by 9am and had breakfast in a small cafe that was linked with our hotel.”

“The national War museum was very interesting and we found out about Scotland’s role in wars, past and present.”

Nick – “After eating breakfast we walked up to the castle to meet Adam Love-Rodgers who took us on the tour around the Museum for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The tour was very interesting because I found out about a lot of history of Scotland that I never knew before.  I would definitely go again.”

“Adam told us loads of information about the type of clothes worn and about the effects that the war had on the soldiers.”

Sandy – “Adam was very polite and rather funny at times!”

Nick – “Once we got out of the castle, we had about an hour before catching the train back to Inverness, and so Euan, Sandy and Myself went to find some food we could take with us on the train.”

Sandy – “On the train home, Nick and I were sat opposite a rather annoying gentleman who used all the table space for his writing and drawing and spread his feet as much as possible leaving none for us. The bus journey from Inverness home was long and boring, and I was relieved to get off, even though there was a blasting wind which nearly took me off my feet.”

Thanks to Mrs. Newman for putting in the work behind the scenes supporting the boys organize this trip and also to Mr. Milner for accompanying them to Edinburgh.

Important DatesAvailable on the website here.

S3 exams started last Tuesday on the first day back after the holidays.  Good luck to the pupils sitting these exams.  This term continues to be chock full of events but exams do take precedence for many of the older pupils.

The S1 Nethybridge trip begins on the 14th May leaving S2 and S3 in school.  These pupils will be getting an alternative timetable for the week and we plan to give them longer periods of time tackling particular tasks.  For S3 this will include a full day of emergency first-aid training prior to taking part in Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions.


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