School news 23rd September 2011

DofE Awards – Charmayne Fraser currently in S5 was presented with her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award at assembly.  Former Head Girl Katrina Port and former Head Boy James Staddon have now received their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  Both completed the award before leaving school.  James is currently in New Zealand and Katrina has started her studies at University of Glasgow.

Former Pupil Success – We have been notified that Alexander MacDonald has graduated from Heriot Watt University with a MEng Computing and Electronics.  Well done!

If anyone in the community is aware of other success stories associated with former pupils please let us know.   Remember we acknowledge success in many ways and the staff are pleased to hear how pupils fare after school.  Universities write to us about former pupils as part of their own publicity campaign but we like to reflect the broad range of careers and activities that alumni take up.  This information is added to our former pupil web page accessible from the front page of the school website.  This site has the facility to leave a message or search for former pupils by name. 

S4 Prelims – Pupils in S4 have been working with their teachers preparing and planning for their exams which start at the end of November. Parents should be aware that these pupils should now be focused on these exams. They have been given appropriate materials for their subjects and advised about the steps they need to take to achieve their best grades. We would ask that parents support pupils in preparation for these important exams.

Oxfam Water Week – Did you know that the average water usage for a person in Scotland is around 200 litres a day? Many people around the world have great difficulty in getting access to clean water for a variety of reasons such as natural disasters, conflicts and droughts.

Oxfam Water WalkClick on the photo to see more images of the event

Thanks to Ms Velt and Mrs. Somers, S2 learned about water vulnerability around the world during their Global Citizenship classes. They also took action and organised a sponsored “water walk” as part of Oxfam’s “Water week”. The S2 pupils found out that carrying clean water (in our simulation, around the school playing fields) takes great effort and time and it prevents many young girls in Africa from going to school.  S2 would like to thank all members of the community for donating so generously to this activity.  So far over £400 has been raised to help communities in Mali install water pumps and allow girls to get an education.

Ceangal Project – Seven Gairloch Primary pupils and one Advanced Higher pupil joined S3 and S4 Standard Grade Art pupils for an interesting project recently.  It was part of the CEANGAL PROJECT which is being pioneered by Lynn Bennett-MacKenzie in collaboration with Somu Desai, an Indian artist from Valsad.  Lynn and Somu came into the High School with several other practising artists for two afternoons, and worked with the pupils in groups.  They used a range of found natural objects – bits of driftwood, stones, antlers, etc., to retain some aspects of their identity while changing others.  On Wednesday morning, everyone travelled along to the Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve where they ‘installed’ their sculptures back into the environment.   They make an interesting little exhibition and can be viewed at the Visitor Centre, as well as on the school website.

Ceangal ProjectClick on the photo to see more images of the event

Kerry Falls – The S3 Technological Studies class got a guided tour of the local hydro scheme recently.  The group started up at the reservoir and moved downhill towards the power station.  Thanks to Mr. Gorman, Mrs. Fraser and Mr. Bruce Alexander for coordinating this interesting trip.

Kerry Falls Hydro SchemeClick on the photo to see more images of the event

S6 Leadership skills – The majority of S6 prefects took part in a two-day trip to the Highland Council centre at Badaguish, near Aviemore. The purpose was to develop teamwork and leadership skills. Ms Gulliver and Mr. Johnston supervised the activities, which included outdoor artwork, mountain biking and kayaking. All the participants got a chance to lead and organise their peers.

S6 Leadership ActivitiesClick on the photo to see more images of the event

Visiting Author – S1-S3 are looking forward to meeting Lari Don, award-winning ‘Author of First Aid for Faeries’ on 30th September. Lari will visit for a talk about her popular books that are based in modern Scotland but influenced by old tales and traditional stories. Her books are now available to borrow as well as to buy at the library for £6 with profits going to ‘Jeans for Genes’, which we take part in on the day of Lari’s visit. Lari will also happily sign copies of her work on the day. Librarian Ms Hollenstein and Headteacher Mr. Port both wish to publicly thank the Parent Council for funding this event.  Visit her webiste by clicking here.

Focus on Cooking Bus Visit – On Monday 26th September an articulated pantechnicon will park up at the school for the week.  This lorry is known as the Cooking Bus and will assist us to promote cooking skills, food safety and hygiene, healthy eating and enjoyment of food.  On Tuesday all of S1 and a group of S6 will be cooking.  After school 16 staff will take part.  On Wednesday half of S3 along with all of S2 will participate.  Finally on Thursday there will be another S3 session and the chance for S5 pupils to share the experience.  Thanks to Mr. Milner for organising this visit to the school.

Comenius Visitors – Since the summer of 2010, Gairloch staff and pupils have been working closely with four other European schools: Instituto Istruzione Superiore C Colgi in Italy, 7th General Lyceum of Illion in Greece, HS/RS Lehre in Germany and Preili State Gymnasium in Latvia.   Two groups of Gairloch pupils have already been on successful trips to Latvia in October 2010 and Germany in April this year.  Read more about the project on our website by clicking here.

Starting the 2nd October groups of staff and pupils from our four partner schools will arrive here in Gairloch, where we plan a varied programme of events as their hosts.  Our guests will stay with local families and throughout the week they will be involved in visits around the local area including Inverewe and an archaeology walk around Port Henderson.  Culloden also features on the itinerary.  The week culminates with a ceilidh in the Community Hall on Friday evening 7th October to which everyone is invited. The ceilidh will include performances by many of our own pupils and members of the community as well as our guests, who will depart the next morning.

Other upcoming School Dates of importance

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