School news 3rd June 2011

S1 NethybridgeOn 16th May S1 left for Nethy Bridge on two minibuses with staff in assorted other vehicles!  When we arrived in Aviemore we went on an RSPB trail with RSPB Officers, Paul and Kat.  After the RSPB walk we went back to the house for dinner.  The food at Nethy was great and there was lots of it.  Thanks to Susan and Mrs Fraser for all their hard work and smiles! Later on Monday night we went to the local park and played football and rounders, followed by pool, cards and table football.

S1 Nethy 2011

On Tuesday morning we had our fire drill and orienteering.  In the afternoon we went to our chosen activities of climbing, biking and walking.  Lots of sore bottoms that night for the cyclists!  Tuesday night we played games out on the field with Susan and the teachers.  It was awesome! 

Wednesday was another day of chosen activities before room inspections, more games on the field and a quiz.  Thursday was spent at Landmark. 


Lots of rides on the rollercoaster, water slides and the sky dive.  We spent Thursday evening at Loch Morlich doing kayaking and canoeing.  This was the best day of the week!  On Friday we cleaned up and headed home.  A great trip!

S3 Activity Week – While S1 were at Nethy, all of S3 were working in their House Groups on a movie project based on supernatural myths of Wester Ross.  Hayley Savage, visiting drama worker from Eden Court introduced the concept to the pupils on Monday morning before they went ‘on location’ at a rather damp and misty Slattadale, by Loch Maree.  During the course of the day pupils found locations to film their short movie and then in the afternoon got into costumes to do it for real.  The pupils then spent the next two and a half days editing their movies in computing.  Those pupils who had expressed an interest in graphic design spent Friday working in the art department with Ms. Gulliver.

Excitement and enjoyment reached a peak on Friday afternoon when the all the pupils were able to preview their movies on the ‘big screen’ in computing.  Please visit the school website to see the movies.  During the Activity Week the pupils also took part in iDiscover and received Emergency First Aid training.

iDiscover Day 11 – With S1 away at Nethybridge, S3 pupils joined S2 for what was the last day of this series of experiences. Some pupils were outside taking part in canoeing and climbing while others were at Flowerdale surveying the woodland there. Two groups remained in the school. One participated in a dance experience during which they created group dance routines. The other group used industry-standard equipment to record and edit a news bulletin. This day brings the year’s events to a close. The funding body, NESTA, will now analyse the whole project and determine how successful it has been in raising pupils’ awareness of innovation and how their skills have developed over the year. For more information on NESTA, go to or on idiscover, Click here to see photos of this day and others that have taken place.  The school is grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in this pilot and thank NESTA and the providers for their contributions.

Icebreaker Day – On Wednesday 25th May, all P7 pupils were in the High School for the first time as a future S1 class. Although they have all been together for many events already in P7, this was an opportunity for Mr Milner to put them out of their ‘comfort zone’ and make them work with fellow pupils from different schools. By interviewing each other and reporting back to the class their findings, they eventually began to feel more comfortable working as a whole.

In the afternoon, the Science Department was the focus for all sorts of fun activities.

McRobert Cup – Congratulations to the 18 S1/2 basketball and football players who travelled through to Dingwall to represent the school in the Ross-shire round of the McRobert Cup, accompanied by Dr Shearer and Mr. Johnston.

The boys’ football team won against Fortrose, drew against Alness and a strong Invergordon side but lost to Dingwall. They played well but won’t go on to the Highland final in June.  Thanks to David Gorman for organising the team and coaching during the games.

The girls’ basketball team lost both their matches against Fortrose and Dingwall but made a fight of it in their second game, scoring more baskets and being much more aggressive.

The boys’ basketball team put on a really strong showing, convincingly defeating Fortrose, Dingwall, and Alness. We go through to the Highland final on Friday 24th June and, on current form, who knows what might happen?

Malawi – Link Members of the community and older pupils of the school may remember that in the latter part of 2008 and during 2009, we raised almost £2000 for repairs at our partner school in Malawi. This has been a great success and you can see photos and read more by clicking here…

Culture Club – Another smaller-than-usual group went to Inverness to see the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra perform at Eden Court.  The programme included symphonies by Prokofiev and Beethoven and some arias by Handel, Mozart, Britten and Rossini.  The music was wonderful and was enhanced by a pre-performance talk which took the form of an informal chat between the conductor, Henk Neven, and one of the principal cello players.  The next trip is on 10th June to see Scottish Opera perform Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto’.

Important Datesclick here

Parent Council Ceilidh – This fund raising Ceilidh will take place in the Community Centre on June 11th between 7pm and 10.30pm.  Details here.

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