Gairloch High at Scottish Parliament Reception

DofE Scotland celebrated the success of its Curriculum for Excellence pilot project at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 2nd June, with young people showcasing their DofE activities from around the country. The reception was hosted by MSP Adam Ingram and was attended by Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Mike Russell, representative staff and DofE participants from Preston Lodge High School (East Lothian), Dornoch Academy and Gairloch High School (Highland Council), Carrick Academy, Queen Margaret Academy and Y Dance (South Ayrshire), and other MSPs and DofE leaders and volunteers.

The reception was attended by representatives of the school: GOLD candidate Roxanne Ramsey, SILVER participants Katrina Port, Ella McDonagh, Alasdair Paul, Anna Hulme and Kirsty Alexander along with Dr Caley and Mr Port. The final report published by the DofE is available online here.

Our pupils showed via poster and film the range of activities that we use in the school to support DofE. They talked confidently about their experiences while volunteering, learning new skills and on expedition. They were reminded by ministers how lucky they are to have the chance to do the Award in school. A very small percentage of schools offer the chance. Gairloch was selected for the pilot because we actively encourage all pupils to start the award in S3. This would not be possible, of course, without the support of staff and parents alongside members of the community who provide time and knowledge for the benefit of the pupils.

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