School news 5th February 2010

Thanks to our janitor, Andy Bowker, for all the work he did around the school, library and leisure to assist safe passage for pedestrians during the recent bad weather.  As ice came off the roof a significant amount of damage was caused to our gutters.  Andy has repaired these.  The damage to the shed may prove a larger task.  We have also had roofers over to repair tiles higher up on the building.

Important DatesClick here

  • 9th Feb – S2 Parent Course Choice meeting – DETAILS

FuturechefAs everyone should know by now, Rosie Smith, S4 won the Regional Final of this competition on the 26th January in Inverness.  She will now travel to London in March to take part in the National Final against 11 other regional finalists.  Well done Rosie – we have high hopes for you in London!

Young Quality Scot Award – Roxanne Ramsay was nominated by the school this year as a worthy recipient of the YQScot Award.  The 2010 Awards offers access to a leadership training event to be held on the 11th and 12th Feb. 2010 at Badaguish near Aviemore, prior to a national presentation on the 11th & 12th March, which is being hosted by North Ayrshire Council in Irvine.

Roxanne is involved in working to the benefit of others through school, church & Highland Youth Voice.  She has done a power of work quietly and efficiently and this is just recognition of her efforts.  The school has successfully nominated pupils for three years in a row now.  The Highland Council has previously awarded pupils Becky Massey and Meghann Richardson for their work.  Well-done Roxanne!

Maths Challenge – Sonny Spencer S6, has been awarded a Silver Certificate in the UK Mathematical Challenge 2009 and has achieved Best in School for the senior category.

Project Trust – Amy French has raised the £4850 required by the Trust.  This is quite an achievement and while Amy has worked hard to achieve this it reflects well on a generous community.  Thanks to each one of you who continually support our young folk.


Saturday 13th March 2010 in the Gairloch Community Hall

We would welcome any or all of the following donations: baking, books, DVDs & CDs, bric-a-brac, plants, electrical items in good working order, toys, clothes in good condition, jewellery, bottles and raffle prizes.

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN – S1 will be on the loose shortly!

Grand Annual Fundraiser for Nethybridge and selected charities.  Thank you for supporting the school!


Practice-a-thon – Musical pupils plan on taking part in a Practice-a-thon for Clic Sargent Cancer fund for children.  For 2 weeks, pupils will agree to practise their instruments every day for perhaps 10-15 minutes.  They will be looking for sponsors in the community for this worthwhile endeavour, which has the added bonus of making them play better as a result of all this regular practice!

However, members of the community who play or sing can also take part.  Any 2 weeks between now and the end of March can be chosen, and instructions on what to do can be found on the sponsor form, which can be collected from the school office.  Miss Hunter and other members of staff are going to participate, so please feel free to join them by dusting down neglected accordions, guitars, keyboards or tonsils!

Musical Instruments – We are looking for musical instruments!  If you have any that you would like to see put to good use and you would be willing to donate them for use by the school please drop them in or contact the school (712275) and we can collect.

Fèis Rois – The school has had a positive response from Fèis Rois manager Fiona Dalgety and negotiations are underway to supply after-school classes for upper Primary and Secondary pupils in the near future.  It is also hoped to run at least two weekend events in the school between now and the summer.  Details will be provided as they become available.

RAF Visit – On Thursday 28th January, the S1 pupils had a visit from Andy and Mark of the RAF Motivational Outreach Team.  They spent the afternoon engaged in team building activities. The pupils are now in the initial stages of planning for their residential trip to Nethybridge in May. The RAF instructors were helping them to co-operate with one another to solve practical problems quickly and efficiently – skills that they will be continuing to develop in the coming months. They worked together in games of ‘Moonball’, ‘Magic Stepping Stones’ and ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’. The afternoon concluded with a race between S1A and S1B. Each class had to get themselves all through a car tyre inner tube as quickly as possible. They were given 5 minutes to plan their strategy and practise and then it was competition time. Employing very different techniques, S1B were victorious with the inevitable press-ups for S1A!  During the afternoon, the pupils were encouraged to think about different ways to communicate with each other and it just goes to prove that in any team, each individual has their strengths.  They had a lot of fun along the way too. Click here to see some photos of S1 taking part.

Wind Turbine – The proposed wind turbine for the school has successfully passed the planning stage.  The turbine will be placed at the edge of our playing fields. A typical annual output from the size of turbine that has been approved (15kW on a 15metre mast) is 37,820kWh.  This would produce 6.5% of our annual electricity.  This would save £3800 annually at current prices and give a payback period of just over 6 years.

Solar Panels were considered and we received the following advice.  There are 2 types of panels, PV panels generate electricity and Solar Thermal generate heat.  Both generate most over the summer months when there is little demand.  PV are very cost prohibitive and in this part of the world turbines are much more productive per pound of installation cost.  Solar thermal are a bit better in capturing energy to heat water even on cloudy winter days.  In Gairloch High they would only be heating hand-washing water and showers.  As a result solar panels would not be cost effective.

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