Senior Prefects & House Captains

Senior prefect team – This group is selected in order to provide focus and drive for the entire S6 in supporting staff and younger pupils throughout the year.

Captains Derek Martin & Amy French
Responsibilities: organising Prefects (including duties and Prefects’ Room); represent the school at events; charities
Deputies Liam Smith & Judith Matheson
Responsibilities: organising Prefects (including duties and Prefects’ Room); charities
Deputy Becca Spence
Responsibilities: to coordinate the pupils involved with paired reading; help organise scribing and reading for assessments; organise the Pupils’ Council and homework club.

House Prefects – These positions are offered to S5 and S6 pupils in order to create a working team that will support heads of House maintain and promote the values of the house system.

House captains James Staddon & Natalie Stein
Deputies Gavin Gourley & Jodie Proudfoot

House captains Derek Martin & Amy French
Deputies Neil MacIver & Briony Young

House captains Liam Smith & Storm Lawson
Deputies Roddy MacLennan & Katrina Port

Prefects – All other S6 are invited to apply for Prefect status and after interview may be appointed to support the senior team and work with staff and younger pupils. All those entering S6 have received training to assist them support younger pupils – specifically the new S1. All new pupils entering the school are allocated a buddy.

As well as continued academic challenge, sixth year provides, for all pupils, time for other efforts and focus. This is an opportunity for each senior pupil to take on new responsibilities. The school staff look for a variety of ways to help develop and encourage each pupil rise to new challenges that will help preparate them for leaving school.

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