Prizegiving – 2009

Pupils in S1 to S4 were awarded certificates of personal achievement.  Senior Prefect and House Captains were presented with their badges of office.  Sports champions were awarded their medals and trophies.

A copy of the Headteachers report to parents and staff is available here on the Parent Council website.

Trophy & Prize list:

Dux of School – Lyndsey Croal

Junior Languages Prize – Anna Hulme
Senior Languages Prize – Sophie Donald
History Prize – Rebecca Beaton
June Davis Miller Award for Art – Josie Ogle
Gladwyn Memorial Prize for Fine Art – Abbie Spence
MacLean Trophy for Library Endeavour – Ryan MacLean
MacKenzie Targe for Creative Writing – Sophie Donald
(Click here for a sample of Sophie’s writing)

Maths Challenge Best in School (Intermediate) – Katrina Port
Maths Challenge Best in School (Junior) – Fraser Hinchliff

Doctor Hunter Cup for Piping – Anna Hulme
Lauder prize for Music – Alasdair Paul

Junior School Trophy for Service & Achievement – Anna Hulme
Elizabeth Matthew Memorial Prize – Amy MacLeod
Lauder Memorial Prize – Calum Milner
Neil Wilkie Memorial Trophy – Jennifer Port

House Shield – Maree

Photos of the event are available by clicking here.

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