School news 15th May 2009

Mexican Swine flu – Parents received a letter home with a message from Hugh Fraser, the Director of Education Culture and Sport. “We are all aware of the national picture on the possible spread of influenza and clearly there has to be concern about the health situation for school pupils and staff.  I am writing to confirm that if you have any families returning from holiday in Mexico or if you are aware of any families who have had contact with people returning from Mexico then those families must be advised as a purely precautionary measure to keep the children at home for a period of 7 days from the time of contact.”

At the moment we are continuing with all our plans for the French trip.  At this stage we are confident that the trip will proceed, however we are monitoring the situation carefully and will take heed of any changes regarding the development of this flu outbreak.

There is also guidance on the Parentzone website for those concerned about school closures and effects on the SQA exams by the Swine Flu outbreak. The advice also has links to the NHS website and the leaflet that is being sent out by the government.

Staffing update – The new timetable begins on Monday 18th May.  Parent Council met on Monday 11th May to discuss progress with the Council.  Parents will be informed and details will be posted on the website as soon as news is available.  In the meantime thank you to everyone who has taken the time and effort to write in support of the school.

Primary 7 transitions to S1 – We are well underway in our preparations for welcoming our new S1’s into the High School. Teaching staff have been visiting primaries and meeting with primary staff and speaking to pupils.  A letter giving dates and information for the Icebreaker Day, Expressive Arts Day, Induction Day and Parent Evening is going home via the primaries along with forms, which need to be returned on Icebreaker Day (Thursday 21st May).  Should parents of P7 pupils require further information, they should not hesitate to call the school and speak to Mr. Port or Mr. Milner.

Geography Fieldtrip to the Cairngorms – The Higher and Intermediate 2 Geography class went on a very successful fieldtrip to the Cairngorm National Park for two days after the Easter holidays to look at how ice had shaped the landscape, and how people use the Cairngorms. Highlights included a guided walk with a local Ranger, Heather Morning, seeing the ptarmigan, a trip on the funicular railway, and half the class failing on the monkey bars across the pond at Badaguish and falling in!  Apart from being fun, the trip has given the class a better understanding of one of the areas they will be writing about in their exam next month.  Click here for some photos.

Culloden trip – S2 pupils visited the National Trust Centre at Culloden.  Miss Colquhoun arranged the trip as part of the S2 History course.  Pupils reported that they had enjoyed the visit to the new centre with its high-tech presentations and interpretive displays.  Click here for two photos of the trip.

Giant Heptahlon –On Wednesday 29th April a team of 7 girls and 7 boys from S2 travelled to Fortrose Academy to participate in a day of heptathlon training and competition with 5 other schools. The morning was taken up with training in 7 different athletic events – hurdles, triple jump, shot, javelin, long jump, sprint and an endurance run. In the afternoon, each team rotated round the seven events again with their distances and times being recorded and collated to give team totals. There were some excellent individual results and all pupils improved their performances in the afternoon showing that they had benefited from the morning’s coaching.  Click  here for some photos.

Nethybridge – S1 pupils return from the annual event at Nethybridge today (Friday 15th May).  Full report next issue on the walking, kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking activities. The week is sponsored by the school fund and the money raised by the Bring and Buy sale.  Pupils are charged £40 contribution for the whole week inclusive.  The school sees this as an important team building and activity week for S1 and staff.  It is a week that most enjoy thoroughly!  Click here for a collection of Nethy photos from the last few years.

Highland Youth Voice – Storm Lawson, Lyndsey Croal and Roxanne Ramsay (S5 pupils) are all members of Highland Youth Voice, an organisation set up by the Highland Council to give teenagers and young people a say in what they would like to see happening in the Highlands.  Roxanne has also been voted to be one of two executive representatives for Ross and Cromarty area. The Executives have to meet once a month in Inverness and tell the other execs what they have been doing and what they think needs improved in their community.

On the 17th March Roxanne went to the council buildings in Inverness along with the other execs to shadow a councillor for the day.  Richard Heartland, Head of the Planning Department, showed Roxanne round.  She also got taken to a site that had applied for planning permission and one of the councillors explained why it had been refused.  It was an interesting day where she found out what the point of planning actually is.

Lyndsay, Storm and Roxanne also attended a recycling council ward forum on the 27th of April in Kinlochewe.  They heard the Council’s plan for future recycling measures.  This includes the introduction of new mixed recycling bins in Gairloch.

On the 24th April the exec helped to plan the trip to Sabhal mor Ostaig where all the HYV members will discuss what could be done to solve the problems facing school leavers.  The next day the execs went to the Highland Council to attend a meeting where they talked to some of the councillors about health.  In particular they raised a concern that awareness of mental health issues should be explored in more detail during PSHE lessons.

S1 Malawi Presentation – Invitation
The S1 pupils of Gairloch High School are putting on a presentation of their Malawi project that they have been working on this term. It will be on Wednesday the 20th of May at 10.00 a.m. and again at 1.45 p.m. in the multi-purpose hall in Gairloch High School.

The presentation will include a short talk about what we have learned about Malawi and a display of our work. We will also show some of the instruments that are used in Malawi. We have been using the instruments in music and we will try to play an African version of “Loch Lomond” and some other tunes using the African instruments.

We have invited P4-P7 pupils from the local Primary Schools and our parents, and, through the Gairloch Times, we would like to invite any interested members of the community.

Upcoming Datesclick here for more.
•    20th May – S1 Malawi Presentation
•    21st May – P7 Icebreaker day
•    22nd May  – P7 Expressive Arts day
•    22nd May – S3 reports issued

All S4, S5 and S6 pupils are now sitting national exams.

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