FutureChef 2009 success

Rosie Smith, S3, came third in the regional final held in Inverness College on Wednesday. This was after winning the school heat and then winning the local heat in Inverness before Christmas.

Rosie got support from many locals and would like to thank everyone that helped her with Future Chef 2009. Dan Hall, her Mentor Chef, from Poolhouse; Williamson’s Food Service for supplying a lovely set of chefs whites and most of the ingredients; Jane Grant from Isle Ewe for the scallops and Ritchie’s of Aultbea for the black pudding in particular.

Rosie said “Both the scallops and black pudding were commented on by the judges for being fantastic! Also a big thanks to everyone who wished me well and the school for the encouragement I got throughout. I came third in the Regional finals so was very happy with that and all the judges said they hoped I would be back next year, I hope so to!!”

Thanks to Rosie’s mum for the photos.

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