School news 3rd October 2008

Work Experience
All S4 pupils begin their work placements next week and we would like to thank parents and employers for the support you give each year to make this a success. A reminder to pupils – take your Diary Log Book with you, and don’t forget to give your employer the middle section entitled Work Placement Report.  We hope the pupils enjoy this taste of real work and return to school with a better of understanding of why they need to work harder in school!

Royal Navy
Royal Marines chef Mike Beaton, Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer Mike Slater, and P.T.I James Simpson were in school on Wednesday 17th September to take classes in Hospitality and Physical Education.  Mike, triathlete and ‘iron man’ cooked with the Futurechef participants for the first half of the morning and the S4 Hospitality class in the afternoon.  Click here for some photos.

Over 40 pupils made chicken curries throughout the day. The aroma quickly spread along the school corridors!  Mike also talked about life in the Royal Marines and Nutrition, whilst the pupils ate their curry.  His humour was well received and all the pupils worked extremely hard.  Meanwhile, in the P.E Department, James ‘O.J’ Simpson was putting pupils through their paces.  Circuits were demanding and once again pupils from all years worked extremely hard and are probably much fitter as a result!

Inter House Rowing competition
Today was the first major House event of the year. Lots of pupils have been training for this event and more details will be given in the next edition.

Jeans for Genes Day
Today is the day when thousands of schools across the UK are asked to ditch the usual dress code and jump into their jeans!  A genetic disorder could range from something such as a squint or a cleft lip, to one of the more challenging conditions such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease. There are over 4,000 genetic disorders that affect one in 33 children born in the UK.  That’s nearly one in every average school class.  Pupils and staff paid £1 for the privilege of wearing jeans and trainers to school today.Click on the photo to read more about Malawi

Survival Cookery
We are very grateful to parent helper Mrs. Yvonne Spence, mother of Abbie and Becca, as she has agreed to run a survival cookery class for S6 pupils after the October holidays. This will be on Tuesday and run from 3:30pm –5pm.

Blythswood Appeal
All pupils has been given a leaflet explaining exactly what needs to be done to fill a shoebox and the items allowed.  Blythswood will pick up these boxes on Monday 3rd November, so there is still  time to make this another really successful appeal.

S4 Prelims
Pupils in S4 have been working with their teachers preparing and planning for their exams, which start at the end of November.  Parents should be aware that these pupils should now be focused on studying for these exams.  They have been given appropriate materials for their subjects and advised about the steps they need to take to achieve their best grades.  We would ask that parents support pupils in preparation for these important exams.

Working hours for children
At this time of the year when pupils are starting to get seriously involved in preparation for assessments and exams it is worth reminding everyone that school is a full-time occupation.  We understand that part of growing up is gaining experience and responsibility for work however Government legislation makes the balance regarding these commitments clear.  It may be worth reminding everyone of the following.

Children under school leaving age must not work:

  • for more than two hours on any school day or for more than 12 hours in any week in which you are required to go to school
  • for more than two hours on a Sunday
  • for more than eight hours (five hours if you are under 15) on any day which is not a school day or a Sunday
  • before 7am or after 7pm

Click here for more information and advice.

French Trip
Letters were issued last week concerning the trip to France next June. Please can you return the sheets concerning the Collective passport, and the Protection of Young People in the Context of an International Visit? The Photograper is in school today taking passport photographs for those that requested this option. Please remember to obtain a European Health Insurance Card.

Parent Council AGM
This meeting, to which all parents were invited, took place on Monday 15th September in the school.  Draft minutes are on the school website along with details of the newly elected officials. Parent Council are planning a series of fund raising events across the year to help reduce the price of the French Trip to all pupils.  They hope that more pupils will still find it possible to attend.

Anyone interested in helping out?
We have a number of pupils and staff who have expressed an interest in Judo.  If anyone in the community has the necessary skills and is interested please contact Mr Port on 712275.

Miss Y. Hollenstein started in her new job as Librarian on Monday 22nd September.  Part of her role is school librarian and we offer her our best wishes as she embarks on her new career in Gairloch.

We said farewell to Mr Colin Davidson our Janitor last week.  He was only with us a short time but made a big impact on the school.  His wife, Linda, had also joined the staff as an auxiliary.  Both will be missed by staff and pupils alike.

Mamma Mia Disco
Next Friday, you are all invited to dance the night away at the Myrtle Bank in aid of Calum Milner’s fund raising. Baggy will provide the music and Fancy Dress is optional. The evening starts at 8pm. This is a Community event, so see you all there!  Concessions for family tickets, otherwise £4.

School Prospectus
The full colour prospectus is printed annually and presented to new parents but changes quickly as the year progresses.  We are grateful to Alex Gray for help in producing a high quality publication in the past.  Ideally though, we would like all parents to have access to up to date information so we have decided to present the information via the website.  Most of the text in the prospectus is now on the school website and we plan to supplement the pages with photographs and additional information in the future.

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