Pupils meet with MSP

On Wednesday the 21st May, we travelled to Inverness by minibus, courtesy of the Janitor, and arrived at the bus station at 8:50 and left promptly at 9:00. From there it was a 3.5 hour journey to Edinburgh on the Megabus.

Once we had arrived in Edinburgh, we had a 15 minute walk to the youth hostel and checked in. We then went to Dynamic Earth, and then we went to the hostel and had dinner then went out to the cinema and watched ‘What Happens in Vegas’. After that we all watched to the penalties of the Champions League final through the windows of a pub.

We went back to the hostel went to our rooms then bed. Thursday we had breakfast and went to Princess Street and went shopping then we went to the Museum on the Mound which was a money museum and we got to crack open a safe and made a policy of life assurance. We then went to Princes Street Gardens. Then at 1 o’clock we went to the Scottish Parliament. A lady came and gave us a talk on how the parliament works and what goes on inside the parliament. Our MSP Jamie McGrigor came to talk to us, and we got to ask him questions about anything we wanted. He answered all our questions and was very helpful and interesting.

We got our picture taken with our MSP. Then at quarter past two we went up into the debating chamber. There we watched question time with the Education Minister. They were taking about how we should get two hours of P.E. a week. After that we went to get something to eat in McDonalds. At four o’clock we walked to the bus station and then got on the bus to Inverness. The janny took us back to Gairloch.

It was very good and we hope future Modern Studies pupils will enjoy it as much as we did.

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