Sound recording training

with Deidre Leitch of BBC Radio Scotland, Inverness on Thursday 1st Nov.

This was the second time that Deidre had visited Gairloch High School. She came to train six pupils in February and deliver over £1500 of broadcast quality sound recording equipment as part of the Highland 2007 initiative. Because the school has used this kit and narrowly missed having some recordings broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland the school has received a second set of equipment and another training day.

Deidre worked with a variety of pupils for a morning where they were briefed in some of the skills needed to make a useful recording. Deidre covered asking open and closed questions; timing of a radio show; planning your interview or ‘pack’, ensuring that the recording levels are correct as well as actually using the equipment for real.

Pupils then went away to practice these skills by interviewing fellow pupils, teachers and canteen staff. They also had the opportunity to record a ‘What’s on’ for the radio which might be used.

Deidre worked with Joseph Powell, Sophie Donald, Anna Hulme, Kirsty Alexander, Charmayne Fraser, Ishbel Beeson, Jenny Martin & Kim Watson.

That night and the next day Joseph and Charmayne went on to use their new skills and the skills they already have learnt at 2LR to interview Paul Tattersall about the Open Climbing Day at Gairloch Climbing Wall on Saturday the 24th November. This recording was offered to Alex Gray at 2LR for use. Jenny and Ishbel were also recording interviews throughout the day of the climbing event last Saturday.

Gairloch High School are very grateful or this opportunity and would like to thank BBC Radio Scotland and the Highlands and Islands Community Broadcasting Federation for making this project possible.

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